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Running 1947 CJ2A – with clean title, new brake system

For sale: 1947 Willys CJ2a

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Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States
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I purchased the jeep around 2011 with the intention of using it for World War II reenacting. Because of this I am also including a WWII authentic Willys MB seven slot grill and a jerry can holder. The Jeep has had only two owners – myself and the gentlemen who first bought it in 1947. The Jeep was left in a barn in Newville, a in 1973 – buried under hay and such. Yes, his one of the LAST mythic “barn finds”. After two years of searching a snagged this up as soon as I found it.

The jeep has under 50k miles and is in GREAT shape. It still runs, he frame is solid and the body is still solid – a few holes here and there but nothing drastic. It has a leak in the exhaust and the leaf springs are sort of jerry-rigged but otherwise, s perfectly working. Last year I replaced the entire brake system, ncluding the master cylinder (which as a very early CJ2a type), he slave cylinders and the brake lines. I also started replacing the oil filter did some odd work here and there.

Unfortunately I lost my job and work stopped on the jeep around 2013. Since then I have been offered a job in San Deigo and since I can’t bring it with me, have to sell it.

The jeep ran as of 2014 and more importantly HAS A CLEAN TITLE. It even still has the 1973 state inspection sticker on the windshield.

I am also going to include two books on jeep restoration and binder full of notes and such. You could part out the jeep but that would be insane – as the jeep itself is in fantastic condition.

I am selling the jeep AS IS. The Jeep was running in Fall 2014, can not say now if it running because I haven’t been able to get to the location.

NOTE: The Jeep is currently in an awkward location.The owner of the land was a wonderful man who was WWII vet and ran jeep farm. He let me keep the jeep there no problem. Unfortunately he has passed and his wife is very adamant about visitors – she doesn’t like strangers on property. Since she hasn’t run for nearly a year, he will obviously not start – she has full tank of gas which is probably nothing but water at this point. It is in the woods, ut not far off from a drive way – surrounded by many other vehicles some jeeps, thers 1980s military vehicles – it was after all once a jeep farm.
So I am looking for someone who can show up with a flatbed and get her out of there as quickly as possible. I CANNOT promise we can get it started so a flatbed with a winch is the best scenario. I am stating this up front so there are no surprises.

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