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1991 Eagle Premier ES Limted Black - for collector--seeking new home for my baby

For sale: 1991 AMC Eagle Premier ES Limited

Technical specifications

Item location:
Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Eagle Premier
ES Limited
Limited, Leather, ABS, Premium Sound
Engine size:
3.0 L - V6 - PRV
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Anti-Lock Brakes
Cassette Player, Leather Seats
Vehicle Title:
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Looking for TLC owner for my 1991 Eagle Premier ES Limited

I am moving and will no longer have a garage to store my Premier. Rather than sell it locally, or to just anybody, or donate it to some charity, whereby my prior TLC of the car could go to waste, I want to find someone who truly appreciates the Premier--an existing or new enthusiast--who is committed to maintain, restore and preserve the car, in all of its glory.

It is a unique and nice car; if you are not familiar with the Eagle Premier, please read up—developed by AMC and designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it was partly based upon the Renault R-25, and the base for Chrysler’s subsequent LH cars. It was badged as Eagle by Chrysler as the flagship car of its new Euro-oriented brand.

Eventually this car will be worth some money since only 139,051 Eagle Premiers and Dodge Monaco’s (rebadged) were ever built. I probably have the only one remaining in the USA that is in as good a condition. Indeed except for the junk yard, there are few available. While it is good to preserve the car in its original form to maximize its future value, it will also look awesome as a soup-up vehicle—it has a classic and timeless design and looks awesome. I had gotten offers off of the street many times when I was driving it.

It has a 3.0 V-6—the PRV engine, MPI with hemi-heads; 150 HP with 171 Torque, and a 4-speed ZF automatic. It handles superbly with 0.81 skid pad, and has a low 0.31 drag coefficient, but by today’s standards, it is underpowered. Engine is North-South; it’s a front driver but I understand it was designed to easily accommodate AWD. Chrysler and AMC had ambitions for the car but no money. The sound system is particularly noteworthy, with a graphic equalizer. Please read up on the specs.

Unfortunately, on my 20th year anniversary drive of the car in 2010, on Christmas Day, I had a three car accident, which wiped out a Toyota and a Honda. The right front fender was damaged with the parking lamp lens broken and bumper scuffed. The repair estimate by the insurance company (which I can share with you) cited $908; it has not been repaired. I have the replacement headlamp assembly, and suggest that the existing fender be repaired rather than replaced since it would be better than any salvage part (no rust). The insurance adjuster said he had never seen a Premier in such good shape and rated it as Excellent.

I got this car new as a company lease car in 1990 when I worked for Chrysler. All the employees loved the Premier, but it did not sell well in the market. After I was laid off, I purchased the car and have owned it ever since—I have been the only driver. I had given it a good break in when new and have changed the oil every 3,000 miles since new. It has always been garaged.

Aside from the aforementioned accident, it had been in another accident—not with a car, but with a luggage cart at the airport—these people released their loaded luggage cart which smashed into the right rear fender, denting it. There are two dimples on the hood from someone throwing a beer bottle off of a highway overpass, and a scratch on the hood from being keyed, which I touched up rather than having it repainted. There are various stone paint chips and a few parking dings.

I have all the repair records, paperwork and the shop repair manual. Car runs but is no longer registered, or driven.


· As mentioned, need accident repair of passenger side front fender, replacement of parking lens or entire right lamp assembly, resurfacing/painting and reattachment of bumper—estimate of $908 provided by the insurance company in 2010.

· Horn does not work—has a short; disconnected.

· Right power mirror does not move in all four directions-mirror motor is good, it is the mirror attachment gear/pivot that is loose/worn.

· Driver’s side rear door power lock needs manual assistance to unlock/lock—knob does not slide, needs adjustment—dealer scratched my door panel and in replacing the panel, the lock was not set correctly.

· Fuel gauge is erratic, has been repaired, twice by dealer—I think it is actually the sending unit inside the gas tank not being anchored properly; the dealer disagrees.

· A/C needs to be recharged. The compressor has been replaced; uses R-12 refrigerant.

· The cassette player no longer works, but radio works.

· The remote power doors key fob cover has cracked and is taped over, and still functional.

· There are some minor leaks under the engine.

· The roof liner has been replaced by a shop, but they did a lousy job by the rear window.

· The top left attachment point for the front grill is cracked (needs to be glued), and the grill needs repainting.


· A brand new black 1992 grill in box, not installed (suggest repair/repaint existing grill and keeping the new one as a spare).

· A used replacement right headlamp assembly (for the accident repair).

· A used fuel injection assembly, missing one nozzle head (bought as a just-in-case spare)

· A used front driver’s side door cladding.

· A BMW 750 high-tech car cover that fits the Premier—with small burn by a lawn leaf blower motor, so not perfect.


· Has K&N air filter

· 6-month old new battery (Costco Interstate 800 CCA—Dated 9/15).

· 4 Tires are BF Goodrich T/A’s with almost new tread, still supple rubber, but wouldneed to be replaced, as industry recommends, due to tire age. Spare tire is full-size never used Dunlop—looks showroomnew, but needs to be replaced due to tire age. All tires are 205 x 60 15’s, H-rated.

· Has McGard brand wheel lock set and gas tank locking cap, plus extra wheel nut and lock set.


Sale Offering, Deposit, Inspection & Transaction Completion Time frame:

Vehicle is sold “AS IS” and “WHERE IS” and without warranty and for local pickup. International buyers are welcomed and will be accommodated.

Physical inspection in person by purchaser or the bona fide representative thereof is recommended and will be accommodated, along with shipping coordination, provided that such is completed forthwith without undue delay and within the transaction time frames specified, unless extended by mutual consent.

A Deposit of US$500 is to be made via PayPal within 48 hours of close of auction. Transaction must be finalized and completed within 7 business days of the end of auction, unless extended by mutual consent. If the item is not as described in the listing, upon purchaser’s or purchaser representative's physical inspection, purchaser will be under no obligation to complete the transaction. Otherwise, the sale is deemed final.

If the deposit is not received within forty-eight hours, or if the sale is not completed within 7 days of the close of the auction (unless extended by mutual consent), the purchaser’s right to purchase of said vehicle is relinquished with the transaction deemed voided and cancelled; and the subject vehicle may then be sold to the next highest bidder, or to some other purchaser.

Vehicle is subject to prior sale and seller reserves the right to end this listing at any time without prior notice.

Forms of Payment:

Forms of full payment accepted are: Bank Transfer, Cash and Certified Check.

Tax, Title and License:

Purchaser is responsible for all applicable tax, title and licensing fees.

Legally Binding Contract:

A winning bid for purchase of the item constitutes a legally enforceable and binding contract and should not be entered into frivolously without intention of completion.

On Jun-27-16 at 20:06:55 PDT, seller added the following information:

Insurance Adjuster Accident Repair Estimate is provided as two pictures files.

On Jun-28-16 at 09:58:18 PDT, seller added the following information:

Just added three pictures showing:

  • replacement right headlamp assembly for the accident repair,
  • used fuel injector assembly with the one missing "nozzle",
  • used driver's door cladding (cracked at the tip and a bit scuffed),
  • new 1992 black ES grill,
  • 1991 shop repair manual,
  • BMW 750 car cover, in storage bag--fits well, the Premier is same size.

It is suggested that the parking lens cover or sub-assembly be removed from this headlamp assembly rather than swapping the entire headlamp assemblies since the original one is in much better shape (just the cracked lens), and the frame of the headlamp assembly (the eye brow) is black, rather than chromed.

It is also suggested that the old grill be carefully removed withthe right top hole (that is cracked)repaired by assembling itspieces and setting with JB Weld, prior to repainting the entire grill--I had done some spot painting--lousy job.

The 1992 grill has a chrome strip at the edge of bothintakes, whereas the original grill is entirelyblack, as per the car's motive.Since grills are hard to obtain, salvage the old oneand keep the new as a spare.

On Jun-30-16 at 09:39:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

Bid with confidence. THE COST OF REPAIR FOR THE FENDER, OF $908 (as provided in the repair estimate) WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE SELLING PRICE.

The item is relisted, starting withthe price reached at the end of the previous auction, which did not meet the reserve, of $832.

Mostof the pictures have been replaced to presenta more on par showing with the White Premier that had been listed, and sold. As the picture of the engine compartment reveals, it has not been steam-cleaned and there is very little rust.

The prior pictures (showing the replacement headlamp assembly, used fuel injector assembly, door cladding, new 1992 ES black grill, 1991 shop manual and BMW 750 car cover) have been removed to allowfor more pictures of the car itself.

As shown, the replaced headliner is tight and OK, except by the rear window, where it overhangs a bit, and the excess glue applied shows.

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