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1985 M1009 CUCV (military 3/4 ton 4x4 6.2l diesel Chevrolet K5 Blazer)

For sale: 1985 Chevrolet Blazer

Technical specifications

Item location:
Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
Engine size:
6.2l Detroit Diesel
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible
Vehicle Title:
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M1009 CUCV (1985) - 3/4 ton Chevrolet K5 Blazer
I'm selling my beloved M1009 - the military version of the K5 Blazer with 3/4 ton rear suspension and a 6.2l Detroit diesel motor. It's last job in the military was supposedly as an on-base MP truck in Texas, went to PA where a guy refinished it, and then came to me.
I've had this vehicle since just after 8,000 miles and it currently has just shy of 25,900 miles on it (about 4 years of 'daily driver' and summer camping trip use). I've changed the oil in the spring and fall (5W40 synthetic Mobil during the winter, 15w40 in summer) every year, so roughly every 2,000 miles and no more than 3,000.
This truck is a real beast - I got around the day after Winter Storm Atlas when newer 'better' trucks were high centered in snow banks, and had fun helping stranded folks. I've had her cold start with only a little protest at -5F, though I'd typically plug it in then. My kids have loved this truck on our camping trips, but unfortunately I've got nowhere to park it now that I had to get a larger vehicle for a growing family. (The CUCV only seats 5).
This is a military truck, so it has a hybrid '24V' system for compatibility with NATO vehicles. This truck is almost entirely on 12V - the only thing I'm aware of which pulls 24V is the starter, and it could be easily switched over with a different starter. (I kept the 24V starter as it's reputed to be stronger and do better with cold starts.) There is a 12V bus bar under the hood and in the 'cargo' area of the truck.
There is some rust developing on the rear gate and the rocker panels but is otherwise fairly clean.
Other things I did to this truck:
* bypassed the mechanical fuel pump with an electric lift pump* changed glow plugs* fixed wiring* full transmission fluid drop and clean at 9,000 miles* glow plug relay bypass (push button)* Replaced the OEM incandescent headlights with 3600 lumen LED* Replaced most running/dash lights with LED bulbs* seat covers (original seats are untorn and in good condition, I just don't care for vinyl).* New batteries 2x Die Hard 950CCA 12/2014* Replaced all 4 shocks with Rancho RS5000 series shocks (at about 10,000)* New copper heater core and blower this past winter (work done by local shop)* Radiator and cooling system was flushed and sealed 2 winters ago professionally* Currently has a Softtopper soft top installed (hard top available still)* Lots of additional running/spot lights (have not worked since I purchased the vehicle though the wiring is all there - never looked into the specifics)* Front-end bushings (not sure on this - I can't remember if it was this vehicle or the last one I had. Regardless, the front end is tight and the bushings don't need to be replaced.)
Tires have another 30,000 miles on them easily - about 3/8" tread.
Additional things this truck comes with:
* the softtopper pictured (though I will reduce the price if you'd rather I take it off and put the hard top back on).* the original hard top (rear window rolls up/down fine)* GM3 turbo taken off a '96 1 ton Chevy and all manifolds and parts that go with it (I was going to install this but never got to it due to time constraints)* Spare tire + 2 extra tires/wheels (if desired)* Extra parts I'd intended to put in, but never got the time to do (eg. digital ampmeter - I broke the factory needle accidentally while taking the dash apart to get at the bulbs)

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