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For sale: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo BIG BLOCK HARDTOP BUILD SHEET

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McMinnville, Oregon, United States
Monte Carlo
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Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
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Today we have listed for sale an unrestored1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlofirst year, early production with build sheet and other supporting docs. This car has been put away for about 13 years, and has just come out to see the light of day, and a new owner.It belongs to some friends of mine who have decided to narrow down their collection of classic cars - this isn't a 'fire sale' or a ditching of an edgy car, they just have a couple more old cars than they can use and would enjoy seeing this go to the right new home. I'm here to help them do that.You've not seen this car for sale anywhere at anytime, so this is your first, and best, opportunity.Let's talk. I will do my best to describe it so that you feel you know it. It's hard to show the total story of thiscar in the words I use, but I have added as many pictures as possible -I tried to use pictures that covered the overall feel and look of the car. PLEASE use the scroll feature down the right side of the listing to get to all the pictures - there's a ton of them in there - maybemore thenyou want tosee,some using aflash(harsh light that isn't always accurate) and some without, a little more accurate.We would rather paint things in a harsh light than make things look better than they are. Once again, lots of pics and the whole car is pictured if you use the scroll feature.These pictures were mostly all taken at Evergreen Air Museum - I usually take them in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that was part of the Normandy invasion in 1944.You will also note the Spruce Goose, a Saturn rocket and other planes in the background of some of the pictures. Evergreen is gracious in letting us use their planes and facility as a backdrop for these pictures. If you're ever in the McMinnville are please stop and see them - they have not only the air museum but an aerospace museum and an indoor water park! I use lower resolution so that anyone in the world can download them with relative ease.Please be aware that this car is advertised and for sale locally, nationally and globally, and we do reserve the right to end this auction at any time if the vehicle sells before auction ends. Thisverycool, collectible, stylish and solidbig block powered Americanclassic caris definitely for sale and definitely on the money price wise. If you are SERIOUS about thecar - please call my cell # 503.580.6225 if I don't answer the first time - try again later - if I am at work I may not be able to answer your call. Please be considerate of the time. This is an amazingly honest, and largely umolested vehicle and overall is simply a greatcar - one you can drive for now, restore as you go, show off mess around withand show with pride - and know something that most people don't. Someone is going to get an enjoyable, fun, classicluxury musclecar here. Buy it today and be the envy of those who hesitated and missed.

The 1970 Monte Carlo ushered in a new breed of car for Chevrolet. It was built on a platform borrowing lots of parts froma Chevelle / Malibu but with a bit longer wheelbase. Pretty much a luxury muscle car - and as the prices of the Chevelles and Malibus, especially the big block cars, continue to rise - more and more people realize just how cool (and forgotten or overlooked) these cars are. The Tokyo Drift Monte has made some people go "hmm" too, but hoping that's not the future for this one. Personally we have always liked the 'pure' design of the '70 a little better, but we also love all the early Monte's up until about 1977. My friend has owned this for quite a few years, 13 to be exact, and during that timeit's been stored away in a reasonably climate controlled covered and enclosed environment with quite a few other muscle cars from the 60's and early 70's. It's an early (October it looks like) production car with many of the early features such as the halo top. This Monte Carlo, doesnt appear to have been a sold order, and it was sold new to a Mrs Gladys F. Bostick of Carmichael California by Bob Frink Chevrolet located at 4811 Madison Avenue in Sacramento California - check out the key tag 'giveaway' that came with the car on that day and is still with it.She purchased the caron January 10th of 1970, for $4450.00 plus license, title and tax and the balance was paid a few days later. Lots of the original documentation such as purchase order, reciepts, and the build sheet are in hand for this car. Pretty cool - and that removes lots of doubts and questions that most old, or muscle cars have such as "how was it originally equiiped'? The car was born on October 20th 1969 at Van Nuys California, a Cortez Silver Monte Carlo with a 330HP LS3 Big Block "400" (Actually a 402) with black cloth interior and a black vinyl top, M40 Turbo 400 Transmission with floor shift on the D55 console, G94 3:31 axle ratio, A51 Strato Bucket seating, A31 Power windows, AU3 Power Door Locks, B93 Door edge guards, T58 Fender skirts (all there and the brackets in place!) All tinted glass (A01)and windshield (A02), B93 Door Edge Guards, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, N33 Tilt Steering, NK1 Custom Rim Steering wheel (one of my favorites and best looking ever),AK1 Dlx Seat belts and shoulder harness,Remote control LH mirror that still works great, Super rare U46 Lamp Monitor, CD2 fiber optic windshield washer jar monitor, and even fiber optic ashtray light along with underhood and trunk lights. Check theoriginal build sheet for this and other options on this car. Let's gothrough the car as it is today: The LS3 engine is what appears tobe a Chevrolet Warranty Replacement engine withthe number CE259238. There is no record with the car of when or why, but by the "2"after CE (Chevrolet Engine, Crate Engine, whichever you prefer)in the engine# it is a 1972manufactured engine and would have been replaced under warranty. The engine appears and sounds as stock, though the carburetor looks to have been rebuilt at some time or is a rebuilt Rochester 4BBL that appears as stock. Everything about the engine appears to be stock. It runs smooth, though a little cold blooded and there is a slight but present exhaust manifoldgasket leak which is pretty typical for a big block. The exhaust is intact, but older, and a little small for my taste. The engine has plenty of power and runs out very smooth, Just a squeak cold blooded. The only departure from stock seems to be the stock air cleaner which was replaced with a 14 inch chrome Chevrolet performance type unit - it's possible the stocker was 'lifted' by the current owner for another Monte he owned back in the day when he bought this one. The transmissionworks as it should, both forward and back, and drips a little. When it came out of it's slumber it had leaked almost a quart (13 years!) which really isn't too bad for that length of time. We addedthe almost quart (and some fuel)fired it upand away she went. The gas had been drained out and what little was left had evaporated, so we again added fuel, and thecar started and ran just fine. The A/C compressor is intact and all hooked up, belt attached,the compressor isn't siezed, but it doesn't appear that there'senough refrigerant tooperate, plus the fan isn't working currently, which isn't a big surprise after storage, best to convert to R134A anyhow. Battery is new, and the car charges like it should. Thebrakes work fine, and the car stops, starts, drives andsteers really darned nice for it's age, and lack of recent attention. The shocks are OK, but could use replaced, the brakes stop good and don't pull at all, and no funny noises from underneath. The Enkei wheels and tires get the car down the road, but I thinkthey are too wide, they rub a bit in front. They wheels and tires should go on Craigslist and will bring enough to buy a good set of rally wheels at the very least. Thefront sits low, not surewhy but likely the springs, typically, sag, and these sure do. A set of Rally's or even stock steels and wheel covers with the skirts installed would be super cool and right. The car is really solid and feels great driving at any speed down the road. No funky noises, nothing out of place or of concern other than that little bit of exhaust manifold leak, but it largely goes away when driving - not gonna not tell you about it though. I drove the car about 35 miles - out on highways, around town, not just around a parking lot, soas to have a decent idea ofpros and cons. Inside the car, again, has been largely unmolested, the only thing missing there being an owners manual and the original AM/FM Stereo radio, that may have been removed long ago for a 1970 SS454 that the owner of the car had. All plugs, wiring and such are intact, and the knobs are in a baggie in the glovebox - this wasn't someone removing a radio to put in an aftermarket stereo, and note the dash and bezel is uncut, stock speakers appear to all be in place. Thetilt columnfeels super solid, like when new, not sloppy. Speedo works (a little noisy), odometer works. The horn doesn't work but that's pretty typical and likely would be fine with some new horn units out front, the dash lights (green only in 1970) are a little bit intermittent - but seem to work more the more I have driven it. Power windows all work, but a little slow, again are working better every time. The power door locks work great - I read somewhere they are vacuum(?) but if so sure work well. The dash itself is uncracked. The right front and rear seats have no noticeable signs ofwear,same with that side headrest. The left front seat and the headrest have some issues, though they appear to be more from sun damage than anything. The carpet is original and all intact, though not 'cherry', even the factory heel mat's in place. Glove box light works, dome light works. The left front courtest light and console light prob need replaced. The rear shelf is pretty muchgone, but easy to replace. Lots of the interior pics have a really harsh look in colors from the flash, but in person it looks better than those flash pics. The back window leaked, as they all do, causing thecardboard shelf to goaway, and eventually thedrainage in the bottom edges of trunk to enlarge (see pics). The fiber optics are all intact, though the only one that seems to work or be seen anyhowis the left front. The right front may be dirty?, therear ones are all there, just notin the taillights where theyshould be. None of the optic lines appear to be cut (which happens often to them), and all have the correct rubber boots on them to reinstall where they should be. Keys work the locks (round does trunk, console and glove box) and the square locks/unlocksboth doors and works ignition. Key in ignition buzzer still works! Headliner is amazingly intact with a couple very small holes, but no rips or detachment. It's overall in great shape for its age. The inside doesn't smell of mouse or mouse whiz, which can happen, it was indoor kept and there were provisions made for all the cars to NOT be rodent infested. For a car that's been stored so long it actually smells pretty good. All the glass is good, though thewindshieldwas replaced a long longtime ago (PPG). You'll note in most of thepics that the rear window is just sitting in place, and there's one or two that show it installed, which it is now. The previous owners (14 plus years ago)took it out, along with part of the vinyl top probablyseeing bubbles and thinking it had major rust - it didn't there, and it doesn't still. Therear window channel looked really good and the rear window and trim is now securely and well installed along with new clips. The vinyl top -the'Halo top' as some call it, will need to be replaced. Not crispyunderneath, but not complete either with that back part of the vinyl removed, though all moldings are in place and the studs for the moldings were all super nice.You will see some hoses in the trunk, and thats for rear window drainage, they can be taken off, but if it's in a rainy climate such as Oregon, they aren't a bad idea. The dash pad is intact, can't see any cracks, and I am not about to try and put my finger or thumb through it, or try. All in all, this car is super intact, and really for the most part, unmolested. It's not been some kid's hot rod, a racecar or anything like that. It's my belief (suspicion) that the few parts that are gone (air cleaner, hood spear, radio) were used on the current owner'sSS. His car, so he could do as he liked, and they are readily and easily replaceable. Outside, the car is still in it's original paint color, and looks to be mostly Original CortezSilver paint. The left rear corner piece is blueunderneath, and the left front corner of the hood had some repair at some point, who knows when. Maybe spotted in here and there, but a long long time ago. There are acouple dents on the left side - door and front fender, easily visible in my pics, and other than that the car is super intact and straight. The 'rust' you see on paint areas in the pics is surface and from the outsideit's really what's now called 'patina', and not rot. There are a couple spots - one at the bottomof each rear 1/4 panel in the same spot where I assume there was a plug, or just the low spot where water sat, but they match. Same goes for the bottoms of each front fender close to the doors (again see pics). Other than that, this body is assolid as any Chevy I have seen. Battery tray will need replaced, as usual (battery is sitting on a wood piece on top of whats left of the OG one. Doorsclose solidly and well, and all trim is in place -trim is nice andstraight too.All of the outside lights work, side markers and all. Both backup lights are functional. We must remember this is a 47 year old car, and it was driven, not museum kept, indoor kept for years which is a huge thing, and why it's as nice as it is. The price reflects the fact that it isn't perfect though. The bumpers are really nice for original chrome, thegrille shows no signs of damage or breakage. The plates on the car arelikely the second set assigned to the car (original ones would have been black and only six digits I think?) The car sits well too. Stance is everything, isn't it? The trunk is amazingly solid and holds what appearsto be the original spare wheel, and the original jack. Thesplatter paint is all original. I had the spare out early on when looking over the car, andthat floor is just as solid and intact as the rest,if not nicer. The trunk light works, the underhood light needs a new bulb most likely, There's some rubber pieces on the sides of the rear bumper that I have not seen before, have you? A couple other'Monte Carlo' guys said the same thing.... Yes, there is surface rust on the car, but look at the floor pans carefully, the trunk, all over the car - this thing is super solid, andNOT a rotten car. It's an original fat block equipped car and it's really cool. Yes, it's not perfect,and needssome resto for some or full for others, or at the very least, some love - BUT - how often do you see them this complete, and this umolested, and with all of the original documentation - and not from a rust belt state? There's been nothing done to enhance or phoney the car - other than a little tire dressing, andwe didn't do that. This is the real thing, sold as it is, with no warranties or anything like that, but with all the documents you see pictured and with a clean and clear title in hand and it's ready to head to you and your garage, or shop. You can havefun with this car - andhave a blast atany car show you take it to, with most likely a trophy or 3 to take home for the trouble - let's get this a good new home! We will try and answer any questionswe can as quickly aswe can, and as honestly as we can. We are hoping that someone who digs what the car IS will be able to purchase and restore, improve & continue to love on and appreciate it. It will be the source of many conversations, smiles, waves, envious stares and enjoyment- that we know for sure. Buy it drive it and enjoy it - it's better than money in the bank and one heck of a lot more fun!

Now for the nitty gritty: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY! If you have zero or negative feedback - please contact us first. We reserve the right to cancel bids to those who don't adhere to this request. If you need to get permission of any sort to buy - PLEASE GET IT FIRST. Excuses such as - I had the money now I dont, My spouse doesn't like the color, Gee I got sick as soon as I won the bid in the last 30 seconds of the auction, Oops I hit buy it now by mistake, My kid bid not me, My attorney says etc etc will not be tolerated or excused. PLEASE think before you bid! A500.00partial paymentis required within48 hours of auction close, the balance in full due within7 days of auction close. Paypal will not be accepted on any part of the auction unless agreed upon in advance. Payment is by bankwire, cashiers check or cash. No overpayment situations please. If paid by any form of check - check will clear bank before vehicle leaves it's present location. Winning this auction does not qualify you to fly in and inspect the vehicle then decide IF you want it, or to renegotiate. The vehicle is available for inspection by appointment, so if you aren't sure - please come see it first! Shipping is at the expense of the winning bidder. Vehicle must be picked up near McMinnvile, Oregon. Vehicle is a used car that is47plus years oldand therefore sold as is and without warranty of any kind. Vehicle is being purchased from the current owner, not Houseofhotrod, and the bill of sale will be from that owner. We do guarantee the availability and posessionof a title with no leins or encumberances at time of sale, and that title is a clean and clear oregon title with no brands. We will help you arrange shipping any way we can, and will help facilitate a truck picking it up etc., but winning bidder pays for all shipping charges. Sorry if we sound snotty here - we just want to communicate that we take our eBay seriously - all we really ask is that you do the same!! This makes it much easier for those of YOU who are also serious about bidding and buying. I have bought many vehicles here and understand your concerns - we've been there! PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. Thank you for looking and bidding!

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