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1978 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon - rear facing back seat! Ready to go!

For sale: 1978 Chevrolet Impala

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Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania, United States
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~~~~ 1978 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon ~~~~ Classic blast from the past ~~~~
Please see many more pictures at (all images can be supersized there) :
I'm not too old yet, ut the older I get the more I see the adage is true: They don't make them like they used to. For sale is a 1978 Chevrolet Impala that I drove occasionally 20 years ago when my dad owned it and I got it from him more than 12 years ago. Before that, t was owned by his girlfriend and I even have mechanic records for it that date to a previous owner. All non-smokers.
This car passed the yearly Pennsylvania inspection in May. The headliner was replaced 12 years ago and still looks great. The V8 engine is lovely to listen to. The best part about this older vehicle is that it is solidly built of all metal. It has been garage kept since we've had a garage for the past 9 years. My children do NOT want me to sell this car because they love it. The rear facing bench is their favorite. All the seats are in pretty good condition. All seat belts are in working condition (seats 8 people). All back seats can be laid down for a large, lat storage bed in back (I have a picture with one of the back seats down and the cover over the floor, ut not the whole back down and flat). The back power window can be closed or opened from the front but the back door no longer power locks and unlocks from the front. Alternatively, he key in the back door opens and closes the power window. The back door opens down or opens from the side.
It needs someone to love it by getting it a sparkling paint job and taking care of rust spots. It does make an occasional creaking noise if turning a corner to the right sometimes at a higher speed and I have not had this checked out by a mechanic. The suspension is not what it used to be - maybe that is the cause of this noise. There has been an occasional loud groan noise we only guess might be from a fan for the vents. This sound stops when the dashboard is smacked or the brakes are depressed suddenly. I don't know how else to describe it. The gear shifter has not shown me what gear it is in for years and I've never tried to fix that (its pretty obvious what gear one is in when shifting). I just took it out to run an errand today and pay attention to the car more critically and found that when the car is driving straight, he wheel is slightly off to the right, o it must need a steering alignment also. The carpet has been falling apart in the front. There has been a rust spot on the bumper for many years. The A/C is currently not working. This is the list of all the bad things we can think of. We're selling it as-is.
I took lots of pictures and tried to get undercarriage pictures by just putting the camera underneath and snapping away. Please see the pictures at:
I do expect payment within five business days of the auction end and that it will be picked up within three weeks after auction end.
NOTICE: DO NOT BID if you do not plan to acquire it within three weeks of auction end! I will do everything I can to help you arrange pick up or shipping. Thank you.
I found a short technical description of this car on carfolio.com:
The Impala Station Wagon is a rear wheel drive estate/station wagon motor vehicle with a front mounted engine, roduced by Chevrolet.
The Impala Station Wagon is part of Chevrolet's 1BL00 range of cars.
Its 5 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, verhead valve, cylinder that produces 135 bhp (137 PS/101 kW) of power at 3800 rpm, nd maximum torque of 325 N·m (240 lb·ft/33.1 kgm) at 2000 rpm.
This power is supplied to the wheels through a 3 speed automatic transmission.
~~~~ 1978 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon ~~~~
UPDATE on odometer reading: I have owned this car since 2001 and I know the previous two owners personally back into the 1990s, nd it was always my understanding that the odometer had not turned over (that at the time I acquired it, t had 85, 00 original miles). I just looked at my title today, owever, nd the title has it listed that the miles were 185,000. I do not know if this was a misprint, r if the Dept. of Transportation was assuming that it wouldn't be so few miles, r if Pennsylvania has records that correspond to this reading or not, ut I have never thought the odometer had gone over 100,000 until I drove it to that point. This car has always been in Pennsylvania as far as I know. The only other clue I found was a "Limited Lifetime Warranty on Exhaust System Parts" in my records in the name of the woman who owned it before my father's girlfriend. It is dated July 1, 987, nd the odometer reading on there is recorded as 17,283. She may have been an older woman who only put that much on the car while owning it for nine years, ut I don't know this person or how many miles they put on the car. If it was someone who drove it to work everyday and everywhere else for the first nine years, hen 117,000 makes more sense, ut this changes everything I had believed about the mileage on this car! The problem is that there is no hundreds of thousands digit on the odometer and this car is too old to have an autocheck report.
~~~~ 1978 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon ~~~~
I'm adding more information because I had a question about shipping for shipping quote purposes. I had meant to post it to the listing when I responded to the question, ut forgot to check the box so I'm putting the information into the description. The zip code where the car is located is 17090. If you plan to have it picked up by a shipper, suggest you contact the shippers directly for the quote rather than taking ebay's suggested estimates. When I bought a car on ebay a couple years ago and estimated the shipping based on what numbers they were suggesting, found that the cheapest actual price I could get was more than what I was led to expect. It may have only been because of the nature of the vehicle I was purchasing (it was larger than normal cars are).

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