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1977 Chevy High-top Camper Van

For sale: 1977 Chevrolet Other

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Traverse City, Michigan, United States
camper van
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1977 Chevy High-top Camper Van

A Survivor Vintage Van

I have looked for one of these 70's camper vans in great shape like this one for a long time, nd this is one of a kind. The conversion appears to be done by a company called Que Pasa Customs, r it was sold by them at one point in time. The van has all original trim, hich is very rare. Most people have pulled the original trim and painted it all one color, hich I feel takes away from the cool 70's look.

This is a full window van, nd was parked in a barn for over 15 years up until a few years ago. When it resurfaced it got new brakes, rake lines, lternator, tarter, nd a full tune up with plugs, ires etc…The paint is all original, nd the body is in amazing shape. All the areas that these vans rust in are solid. The light blue area has some surface rust on the paint only, othing has hit the body. Apparently while parked in storage the side was backed into (as shown in pictures) and the area has been repaired by the previous owner. It needs to be sanded and painted. I was going to paint all of the light blue area between the trim and leave the rest. This would take care of 98% of the surface rust and eliminate the blemish on the driver’s side. As I said, have looked for one of these with the original interior and exterior for a very long time. I have not owned this very long and unfortunately need to sell to fund another project.

I planned on keeping this van forever because of how rare it is, nd due to the fact that I will probably never find another one like this, ut another opportunity has presented itself and so I am listing this.

If it does not sell for my reserve (which is set low), hen I will keep it. Due to work, nd my busy schedule, have not had an opportunity to drive it on any long trips or use it to camp so I can’t speak on its amenities. However, verything I have checked seems to work. It has two batteries and the refrigerator and lights will run off of one and even if it goes dead, nbsp;the second battery will still start the van. When hooked up to electricity the appliances will stop running off of the battery and the refrigerator will keep cool and lights will all run off of the 110. I have plugged it in and everything seems to work, ut like I said I have not used any of it for any extended period of time. The original stove has been replaced with one that will run, ot only off of a 30 lb propane, ut also off of one of those small coleman camp stove tanks. I have hookups for both. The rear tables fold down into a large bed, he top front pulls out into a bed, nd the back has a pillow and looks like you could put another bed up there, ut I am not entirely sure how it all goes together on the rear top bed. The van has plenty of cabinet storage space, nd plenty of room for cookware. The sink has a clean water tank and a grey water tank. I have never used the sink because it has been too cold.

• The carpet is worn and probably could use replacing.

• The front seats have some tears in them, ut still retain the original fabric, hich is very cool looking.

• The tires are old and could use replacing, ut other than the rubber, would feel good about driving this van anywhere.

• I do not know if the cruise works

• The van has AC, ut the belt has been removed from the AC compressor

• The motor runs great

• The TH 400 Transmission shifts great

• The upper sunroof someone has caulked shut (and has done a poor job at it) I keep stored inside and from what I can tell it does not leak, o I was just going to leave it caulked shut.

• There is a caulked crack on the top where it must have hit something, nd this also does not appear to leak or affect anything.

• There is a small roof fan above the stove that works great.

• The van has rear heat that I have not used, ut it turns on and has all of its speeds.

• Someone wired outlets for headphones in various places (I have not figured that one out just yet)

This is a very cool piece of history that I planned on using for my family. It is a ¾ ton, t drives well, nd I had big plans for it. With a little bit of TLC it could be a cool ride, r just drive it as is and it will still be a cool ride. 98,221 Original Miles

If you are serious about the van, essage me and we can talk and make a deal.

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