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1989 Chrysler Maserate TC Convertable hard top 16 valve 2.2 l standard transmiss

For sale: 1989 Chrysler Other T C maserati 5 16 valve 2.2 5 speed manual sportscar

Technical specifications

Item location:
Lancaster, California, United States
T C maserati 5 16 valve 2.2 5 speed manual sportscar
coupe convertible
Convertable black softtop with yellow removable hard top
Engine size:
16 valve 2.2 liter Maserati Turbo engine
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
unleaded gas
5 speed manual
Drive type:
Front wheel drive
Interior color:
Leather Seats, Convertible
Vehicle Title:
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Only 501 of these cars were built with an optional drivetrain consisting of a Getrag manual transmission and a 16-valve head version of the 2.2 L. This engine is often called the "Maserati" engine because it was built by Maserati and has a Maserati-branded cast valve cover. With only a few hundred of this particular model left on the planet, he value of this rare vehicle can potentially skyrocket to triple and quadruple it's current value in a short period of time.

The 200 hp (149 kW; 203 PS) 16-valve 2.2 L "Maserati" engine's cylinder head was cast in England by Cosworth and finished in Italy by Maserati. The pistons came from Mahle GmbH in Germany. The camshafts were designed by Florida-based Crane Cams and were manufactured by Maserati in Modena. The "Maserati" engine used a specially-made 2.2 block, pgraded crankshaft and rods. A Japanese turbocharger was sourced from IHI. The rest of the engine used common Turbo II parts made in the United States.

The TC's platform was based on a shortened Dodge Daytona chassis with suspension and axles from the original model (except for the 5 speed Getrag with "Maserati" engine, t also featured a detachable hard top with opera windows and a manually operated cloth lined convertible top that was available in either tan or black. For the 1989 model year, nterior leather colors were ginger or bordeaux.

In 1989 only 3,764 of all models and colors combined were ever sold at about $33,000 USD, hich was for the basic automatic transmission basic 4 cylinder turbo model, hat's about $65k in today’s dollars, o buy one in 1989 with the 16 valve standard transmission engine was another question altogether.

The TC’s 16-valve 2.2 liter engine was engineered by Maserati and developed by Chrysler, aserati, nd a contractor; it used the standard 2.2 liter engine blocks and various other parts made at the Trenton Engine Plant, ith final assembly in Modena, taly. Maserati designed the aluminum head, ith direct-action cams above the valves and shim-based valve lash adjustment; they set up a cog-based cam drive, oth manifolds, he accessory drive system, nd revised rods and crank. Mahle pistons were used; a remotely mounted intercooler was used with the IHI RHB52 turbocharger. This engine produced 200 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque, ery respectable numbers.

*** The following article is a portion of a review of the Chrysler TC Maserati, ritten on Allpar.com By Michael Aquino

*** When they first came out, had a 1989 16V, hich I sold, egretted having sold, o got a 1990 16V, hich I had for a long time and enjoyed tremendously. Eventually I sold it too, nd ultimately regretted that.

I've enjoyed several exotics over the years - Ferraris, aseratis, oti, MGs, stons, nd Cobras - and I firmly believe that the TC is among the very best of the bunch. I know that among the slick-car-magazine crowd it was fashionable to sniff or sneer at the TC as being a "didn't make it" hybrid. To such types I have just shrugged and said, It's by far the best vehicle that Maserati ever made, nd the best sports car that Chrysler ever made; and the only thing it suffered from was a lack of marketing in the USA because most Chrysler dealers didn't know jack about it. It's more comfortable than any Ferrari or Mercedes ever made, t gets much better gas mileage than a Shelby or a Viper, he parts are Chrysler-inexpensive, t's got a nice big trunk, ou can see all the gauges clearly, he stereo is perfect, ou can see in all directions, he A/C vents are in exactly the right places for passenger comfort, nd you don't have to worry about wiggling up steep driveways at an angle as you must in a Testarossa or Countach."

That usually brings comments from Maserati purists like, What? You mean it's better than a Mistral or a Bora or even a 1990 Biturbo Spyder?!" To which I say, Sure, rive any one of them and then drive a TC, nd you'll agree with me. There is no comparison in build quality, omfort, r handling. The 'straight'-Masers' only advantage is in raw horsepower if you're into Stoplight Grand Prixs and speeding tickets. Not to mention that the TC sold new for a fraction of their prices."

I had only one complaint with both TCs: Both of my hardtops leaked in the rain, t the right and left corners of the windshield. Neither dealer nor body shop could solve that one!

If I had been boss at Chrysler, would have:

(a) continued the TC.

(b) trained one salesperson at each dealership to really know this car and the history of Maserati generally.

(c) changed it to rear-wheel drive.

(d) stuffed the Maserati Shamal engine into it (a DOHC 32-valve twin-turbo V8) to turn it into a real Corvette-eater.

(e) fixed that @*^% windshield drip.

*** END OD ONLINE REVIEW posted onAllpar.com By Michael Aquino. Named by Hemmings Special Interest magazine as 1 of 5 top sleeper classics for the 90s and one of the Top 10 Sleeper Classics under $15,000

Don't let this excelent vehicle with low miles and great interior condition slip away.

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