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1983 fiat Pininfarina spider amazing only 23K mi "Originale" base restoration

For sale: 1983 Fiat Other spider

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Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States
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Since 1999, Roadster Salon, has been passionately restoring Italian cars. This ultra low mile, rust free example was originally from a southern US climate. It can be ready for delivery in less than 30 days, versus the 4-6 month time line for our other models.

As shown on our website, Roadster Salon's least expensive full restoration is our "Avanzato" model, starting at $39,995. Occasionally we come across a vehicle with extremely low miles, or a previous restoration--that does not require the full scope of work undertaken in an "Avanzato" level restoration.

An example of this is the car listed here. As the name implies, the "Orginale" takes a less encompassing approach, and restores the spider to a more original standard. Materials more in keeping with the original car are used, and a tighter more budget oriented strategy adopted. The result is a car that can be completed for about $10k less than a full Avanzato restoration.

All costmetic and mechanical concerns have been lovingly addressed. The end result is nothing short of outstanding. Hundreds of man hours have been spent carefully maintaining all original touches from 1983. Please visit www.roadstersalon.com to learn more about our passionate endeavors restoring these Italian works of art.

What is an "Originale" restoration?

Firstly, our Fiat based restorations fall into three categories. An Originale, Avanzato and Lusso. Our least expensive restoration process can only be undertaken on cars that are already in good overall condition, and do not require complete top to bottom rehabilitation. Originale versions must be re-painted in their original color. Cars are partially disassembled before paint. Interiors are refurbished to a more basic level with standard materials.

Mechanical repairs are limited to safety and performance issues--not full scale rebuilds. Repair and replacement items are prioritized and budgeted accordingly. Vehicles restored to an "Originale" standard still qualify for our limited warranty.

Cosmetic items replaced include convertible top, dash, console, carpets, seats, and more.

Avanzato approach is much more costly.

Paint work is more ambitious, with vehicles fully disassembled before re-spay. General paint preparation is far more extensive. Cars are taken down to bare metal and can be re-sprayed in the color of your choosing. Paint cost is typically more than double budgeted amount in an Originale restoration. Interiors are replaced completely, and feature high-end leather & wood upgrades. Mechanical work is more pervasive--not limited only to obvious items in need of repair.

Cosmetic Impressions

Close inspection shows a car that appears fresh and original. The black/tan color combination is both sporty and elegant. Great dynamic contrast. All key cosmetic items have been either replaced or refurbished. Car has been refinished in its original color combination to remain true to the intent of the manufacurer, and keep the finished cost below $30K.

Mechanical Impressions

Car is a joy to drive, although test runs have been kept to a minimum due to the extremely low original mileage on the car. It can easily be shown and transported from event to event---or actually driven daily. This is one of the most outstanding combination of miles and condition you are likely to find at this price point.

All key aspects of the car perform as intended. All mechanical concerns have been addressed prior to delivery. Car comes with our exclusive warranty. A+

Driving Impressions

A spider is unlike any vintage sports car you are likely to experience. Even the most basic version has timeless lines and is extremely entertaining to drive. The Originale version holds true to the orginal ideal. Unlike our other more highly modified versions--this spider is true vintage driving experience in every sense.

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