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For sale: 1935 Ford Pickup

Technical specifications

Item location:
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Pickup (Truck)
Engine size:
355 V8
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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I know a lot of you don't like the term "rat rod" but the term seems to have stuck for cool rods like this 1935 Ford pickup. Low simple and built with scavenged parts rather than a bunch of new billet stuff they have an old-school appeal that's a big driving force in hot rodding today.Despite the look that says this rod dates from the '40s or '50s it was actually built about five years ago and with that comes the benefit of decades of knowledge. The result is a low-slung flat black pickup that has an awesome old fashioned hot rod look but has a lot more engineering behind it than you'd expect. That look comes on purpose a combination of parts that give it a unique look but leaves the Ford DNA fully intact. The cab is a '35 Ford but it's been heavily modified with a chopped top channeled floor and raked-back A-pillars all of which make it look fast. The grille is also a '35 Ford commercial piece and the bed is still somewhat functional with a raised floor to give it that in-the-weeds look. Traditional satin black primer contrasts well with bright red details and provides a low-maintenance look that means you won't mind a little rain or bugs. And everything's out in the open to show off the workmanship which is pretty darned cool. Unlike so many so-called rat rods this one actually has a rather well-finished interior. No the point isn't to make some custom-stitched piece of artwork but so many are little more than church pews on a plywood floor that this neat pickup definitely stands out. The low bucket seats give you plenty of comfort while making it easy to sit under the drastically chopped top and the floors are cleanly finished metal that has an honest look. Lots of custom pinstripes also add an old-school vibe and surround the vintage-looking gauges which are from Equus SunPro and AutoGauge lending a suitable salvaged look. The long shifter handle manages a TH350 3-speed automatic but you can forget about comforts such as A/C and a stereo which just aren't part of the program on a rat rod and if you need them then you probably don't get it. The windshield still cranks open for ventilation so it's comfortable even on hot days and the door panels wear evidence of rod runs and shows where this truck has been an eager participant. It's not exotic but the 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 provides the right look and plenty of power to make this neat pickup a blast to drive. It's got the right look with red engine enamel a set of finned valve covers and a zoomy set of exhaust headers that definitely nail the vintage hot rod vibe. There's a big Holley 4-barrel carb perched way up high on a vintage Offenhauser high-rise setup and yes it's more about looks than performance but it nevertheless runs superbly. Upgrades like an electronic ignition system dual master cylinder and a new tubular front axle from Speedway ensure that it runs and drives like it should. The transmission has a B&M kit inside and a high-stall torque converter and with 4.30 gears in the 10-bolt rear this sucker practically jumps off the line when you nail it (what you thought you'd be driving it to California?). A 4-link with coil-overs holds up the rear end and there are drum brakes at all four corners which are plenty adequate given the car's featherweight curb weight. Traditional red steelies with hubcaps and trim rings are wrapped in equally traditional wide whites to complete the vintage look.A cool little rod done the way traditionalists seem to prefer except without the crude workmanship. Very reasonably priced it's one of the most affordable ways to have some high-profile fun in an old car. Call now!

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