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1989 Honda CRX W/ Tons of RARE OEM JDM parts NO RESERVE- STARTING BID $0

For sale: 1989 Honda CRX

Technical specifications

Certified pre-owned
Item location:
Lusby, Maryland, United States
HF Body with Si Motor
Engine size:
D 16 A6 (non-v-tec SOHC 1.6 Liter)
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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This is a 1989 Honda CRX HF. The car comes with a D16A6 motor, hich is the same motor they used in the Si Models in the US. The car obviously needs work. Everything that was uninstalled on the car has been carefully catalogued and stored for re-assembly. There are photos of all the parts, s well asthe original in-the-box JDM parts that are coming with the car. Please take a look!

I tried listing this car on Craigslist before, ut those fascist hipsters kept deleting my post (if you read it you'll probably understand why). I've pasted the old post below. Enjoy!

Please email me with question! All the car parts you see in the pictures are what you'll get if you win this auction. I have had the old quarter panels professionally repaired as well as the rocker panels and one spot underneath the car.The body is ready to go to the paint shop. The motor is ready to be built. Naturally, had hoped to build a neat little toy, r maybe even do a right-hand-drive conversion, ut I just simply don't have the time. There are several great things about this model:

Its incredibly light-weight

It's easy and cheap to get historic tags,

There's no power steering or other girly stuff

The car is easy to work on and fun to drive

Here's alist of the parts this car comes with:

Hasport EFSTK

Honda: 73251-SH2-003 / 73810-SH2-003 / 73860-SH2-003 / 72470-SH2-003 / 72430-SH2-003 / 71540-SH2-010 / 71195-SH3-000 / 71190-SH3-000 / 71592-SH3-010 / 71591-SH3-010

I will be letting this auction run its course. There's NO RESERVE. With the car and all the new parts, ou could get yourself quite a deal. There is no warranty with the car. If you purchase this item, ayment must be made within 1 week of the close of the auction either by cash, r a cashiers check.

Thanks for checking it out, mail if you have questions!


Here was my original description (Craigslist wouldn't allow me to use)...


The dream is dead. The story begins with me impregnating my then 16 year old girlfriend (don't worry, he is two months older than me- I'm not a rapist.) Back in those days, nd by that I mean fall of 2003 I was the proud owner of a crappy little 1991 Honda CRX Si. As an interesting side note I would like to point out that the Honda motor company made a typo during the research and development phase of creating the CRX. As a concept the CRX was originally called the Honda POS but thanks to a happy little mistake the name was changed. In case you are wonder the C stands for crappy performance, he r stands for rusted out quarter panels, nd X is the amount of pussy you will get sporting this car... none. However, n my head I thought that Honda had captured lightning in a bottle when they produced this screaming little shit can hatchback death car and while it was in my possession I literally drove all over St. Mary's county like a wild transient meth head from some Madmax film complete with assless chaps and a Mohawk. If you have been living in Southern MD for more than ten years I would say there is probably a good chance that I cut you off and/or pissed you off in some way.

Alas, digress. Anyway when I found out I was going to be a daddy I begrudgingly sold my CRX. At the time of the sale I arranged for a young boy scout to quietly play taps in the background and attended ceremoniously dressed all in black. Then for the next nine years I schemed ways that I could re-encapsulate my youth and procure another CRX. Success came earlier this year. Kind of a funny little story- when I left for B. F. VA to go pick up the car that I am now selling I told my wife that I was going to just go buy a little economical CIVIC.... which technically is true when you think about it ...... anyway boy was my wife pissed when I rolled up with a little blue 1989 Honda CRX HF with a SOHC ZC swap. I might just as well brought home a month's supply of jerk-off cream while I was out. Anyway, he car ran very well despite its appearance. I ran a compression check on the motor and was pleased to find that there was less than a 2% variance between all four cylinders. For the next few weeks I started carefully dismantling the car. All the parts and hardware have been carefully labeled and bagged.

I have also spent a great deal of time tracking down and purchasing parts that will be needed to fully restore the car (hence the price). The car comes with replacement:

-Brand new left and right front fenders

-Brand new HASport high horsepower d-series engine mounts

-Brand new interior carpeting (Black- the same color as my heart)

-Brand new floor mats (also... Black)

-Brand new HONDA JDM CRX SiR Rear bumper support bracket (one of the last brand new ones you will find anywhere!)

-Bran... I'm going to stop writing brand new. All this crap that I listing here is brand new:

-OEM trim piece thingy that sits on top of the rear windshield and always gets dry-rotted and looks like shit when it does

-Rubber trim pieces for the rear windows- OEM

-Honda "H" emblem

-left and right that black piece thing that people always break on the doors above where the handle is closer to the back of the car. Yeah I have two of those also from Honda.

-a bunch of other stuff.

Any way you get my whole CRX fan club parts collection. Believe me when I say that there is a lot more than 1800 buck wrapped up in all this crap. The car ran and drove before I dismantled it. On top of the parts listed above you get everything else that the car came with (motor, heels, uspension, nterior, xterior, tc.) My plan was to use the D-Series motor- get it built and then boost it until it was tripping balls. AND YES, KNOW IT WOULD BE EASIER JUST TO DO A B-SERIES SWAP! I WANTED TO BE DIFFERENT!!! The car is ready for bodywork, nd the motor is completely disassembled (except for the head- which is an A6) and ready to go to the machine shop. BTW I was super careful to label and bag everything when taking apart the motor.

In closing, hings fell apart when I recently bought an S2000. Now the body sits idly covered in my driveway while the motor is stored in my nice dry shed. The whole project calls out to me in a soft whisper each and every day saying: "play with me, ome back.... PLAY WITH ME." email me if you want to talk about this more. My name is Kyle. Thanks for reading.

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