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For sale: 1991 Hummer H1

Technical specifications

Item location:
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Engine size:
6.2 Liter Diesel
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible
Vehicle Title:
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Ex Military M998 Humvee with a regular on road motorvehicle title. A title like any car so it can be licensed for operation on road. Many Humvees on Ebay are sold with just a bill of sale and no title or just and off road use only title. Humvees being sold currently with no titles or off road only titles can be impossible to register for operation on the road in many states. Here in Ohio I just take the title to the license agency and got license plates just like you would for a car. Some states might have emissions rules but here in Central Ohio wedon't. Engine starts easily and runs smoothly and doesn't smoke. Transmission shifts as it should. 24 volt electrical system. The odometer shows under 8,500 miles. I have no way to tell if odometer is accurate. It seems to have a lot of cosmetic wear for such low miles but the mechanicals all seem to be really good. It looks like it might have been originally green and the military chose to paint it tan but leave certain parts the original green. No radio or air conditioning - this is a militaryvehicle. The vehicle currently has a top with four doors installed that is virtually brand new. The vehicle also can be configured with the troop seats and side rails as you can see in other photos. The back seats would have to be purchased to make it a true four seater but the areas where the seats are located is the same on all Humvees so it should not be difficult to install two additional back seats if you choose. To be clear you get all the stuff to configure it either way as you can see in the photos but you must purchase the back seats if you want a true four seater. Steering and brakes are good and it drives well. It has typical dings, ents, crapes and various colors of touch-up paint typical of these vehicles. The front corners both have cracks in the fiber It is not cosmetically perfect by any means but runs and drives really well. It does not leak anything I can see. If you want a solid "driver" not something to look at then this is for you. The only real rust is on the rivets and bolts that are steel and a couple small steel plates like on the hood. The frame and drive train look really good and have very little rust. The body is aluminum I believe and the hood is some sort ofcomposite fiberglass. Gauges all seem to work. Lights all work. It reallydoesn't need anything to drive now. There is one tire that is worn more than the others (see photos) but all tires aredefinitely usable. Three of the four tires are in excellent shape and one is at least half worn but usable. Bought directly from US Military auction. This truck is sold as-is. No warranty. This is a real military vehicle that can go anywhere and has plenty of low end torque. It seems to have a top speed of around 65 and drives safely at this speed although the RPM's are higher than a normal vehicle due to the gearing. It is surprising nimble and is easier to park and is easier to maneuver than my extended cabpickup truck. Has a pretty good turning radius for a truck. I will tell you whatever i can about it. I can help get it loaded if you need to ship it or you can pick it up here in Columbus, hio. You can see the VINnumber (serial number) in photo. The title has a six digit VIN the same as this but Ebay will not allow me to enter it so the VIN in the listing is inaccurate and shows as all zero's. THE VIN IS 111711 on the title and is correct. I know many people think it is not a proper VIN number without the right amount of digits but the BMV here and in other states will use this number. Ask any question and I will give you an honest answer. Iwon't mislead anyone because Idon't want to ever deal with a disappointed buyer. Thanks!
Additional notes:
This vehicle is the same as the four door versions with the exception of the filler panels where the rear doors (I have since removed them but they are included with the vehicle) and it has fold down troop seats and rails on the back. There are two wells in the back where the back seats go that have removable panels that if reversed will make two more seats. These panels even have the seat cusions on the bottom side. These vehicles are relatively easy to work on and a lot of the engine is the same GM diesel used on domestic vehicles.

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