1963 Mercedes UNIMOG S 404 Olive Drab Green

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Lebanon, Missouri, United States
Cargo Truck
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Olive Drab
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Olive Drab
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The 404, or "UNIMOG S", is perhaps the most common UNIMOG among enthusiasts, especially in the USA. 404s were built primarily for various armed services including the German, Swiss and Belgian armies from 1955 until about 1973. On first impression, the 404 mayseem big, however, it is actually quite nimble and actually has a tighter turning radius then aLand Rover D90. 404s are also just plain fun to drive on-road or off-road.
They are powered by six cylinder gasoline M180, 82 hp 2.2 liter engine based on Mercedes-Benzautomotive engines, and essentially the same as the engines found in Mercedes 220 or 280sedans. As a result, parts are easily available and there is lots of upgrade potential. The 404shave a 114 inch wheelbase. The drivetrain consists of a six speed forward, two speed reversegearbox, coil suspension, portal axles, locking differentials and shift on the fly 4x4. There are alot of variations between various 404s but for the most part, they all have the same engine anddrivetrain configurations and wheelbase.
The 404 makes a great starter vehicle for somebody interested in UNIMOGs. They are capableof 60 mph, and are extremely capable both on and off-road. They came stock with all thefeatures serious off-roaders want, including awesome articulation and ground clearance, low gearratios and locking differentials. Furthermore parts are readily available and they are shade treeservice friendly so anybody with reasonable mechanical skills can maintain a 404. TheUNIMOG is truly impressive and has all the ingredients for an awesome off-road experience,including unsurpassed ground clearance, an extremely flexible suspension, crawler gearboxratios, locking differentials and a virtually bulletproof drivetrain. Because the 404 wasengineered by Mercedes-Benz with these features as standard, UNIMOGs don't break on thetrail like most heavily modified 4x4s which were never intended to run big tires, crawlergearboxes or diff locks.
Even though they may be able to achieve 60+ mph. Due to the low gearing, 404 UNIMOGs arereally good for about 45-50 mph sustained cruising speed. However, 12.5R20 tires fit on a 404and will bring the theoretical top speed up to 70 mph with a realistic (but loud) cruising speed of55 mph.
This UNIMOG 404 is presented in Olive Drab (OD) green. The cooling system, fuel deliverysystem, and ignition system have all been recently serviced. This Truck runs well and is ready tohit the trails or to take its place representing outstanding military history.
This vehicle was purchased with the intent to restore the vehicle and create a restomod from it, but upon purchase, it became obvious how rare of a specimen this UNIMOG is. Most of these vehicles were driven hard and put away wet during their time in their service, then put to work as work trucks after that; because of that, many of these fine trucks were damaged beyond repair or simply used up. THIS truck is in AMAZING condition. We believe that the paint, canvas top, and interior are original to the truck, and the tools at the back of the truckappear to beoriginal to the truck. The military version of the UNIMOG came from the factory equipped with a full sized axe, pick, and shovel. These were neatly stored in a pull out "drawer" under the rear of the bed. Most of those original tools have been lost over the years, but this set is complete, and present. I cannot tell you how rare it is to find them.This vehicle would fit seamlessly into a military collection.
We simply believe that the original condition, low mileage, and superior originality makes it "too nice to restore".After you purchase it, you can decide!

Vehicle will be sold AS-IS and serious buyers are welcome and encouraged to schedule a time to look at vehicle. Upon winning bid full-payment is required within 48hrs, and buyer is responsible for shipping and associated costs. We reserve the right to end the auction at any time, as this vehicle is also listed locally.

Please note: This vehicle is being sold from a private, climate-controlled museum facility and has been loved and adored for all of its recent years with our collection, by both visitors and the maintenance and management personnel of the facility daily. If I don't know the answer, I will contact the collection owner for verification and will gladly return your call.

With any questions or comments, please reach out to me, Dani, at (417)664-1842 or message me here through eBay at ClassicCarsByDani. Thank you so much for your interest!

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