1984 Sutphen TS100 100 foot Aerial Fire Truck; Platform Truck; Ladder Truck

For sale: 1980 Other Makes Sutphen TS-100

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Stockbridge, Georgia, United States
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Sutphen TS-100
Red and White
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Detroit 8V71 Diesel
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1984 Sutphen TS100, 8V71, DIESEL Fire Truck
NOTE: For some silly reason, Ebay would not believe me when I put in the VIN number. It insisted it wasn't correct, as if they knew, right?..They insisted it was wrong and my only option was to list it as an older truck (They said any truck newer than 1980 had to have a VIN number that their website would accept)...Just know it IS a 1984 truck and I can submit all documentation to prove the year and the vin number. It was a holiday weekend and EBAY was not availale so I posted it with this obvious discrepency, but we can work those details out later if you wish to buy it.- I'm not trying to hide or misrepresent anything, which is why I put this is red, bold faced type...Thanks for understanding my dilemma in trying to list this truck.

VIN# 1S9A3KDE9E1003235

38,577 miles

Vehicle: Starts and runs

Engine: Diesel 8V71, DIESEL

Engine Condition: Runs Good

Transmission: Automatic, operable

Interior: Black

AC Condition: No AC

Power: Steering

Exterior: Red, no cracked glass, normal wear and tear scratches

Note: 800 feet of 4 inch LDH hose included. Hose is tested and in date.

This truck was purchased to dismantle and retrofit as a drill rig carrier, but our needs changed and (because it is in such good shape) we thought we would re-sell it as a functioning Aerial Fire Truck. It was purchased last year from the City of Lavergne Tennessee and they said the pump and aerial/ladder certifications were all current. They never supplied the certification on the aerial/ladder but they did on the fire pump and we can offer that to the buyer. I think we have some other files from the service company (Cumberland Trucks) that had just done a lot of work on the truck prior to being sold. -Because we were going to remove the aerial device, we did not push to get the aerial certification from them. If the buyer needs this paperwork, we can push them now to offer thecertificationas they did advertise it as certified.

The business card in the pictures was the site where we picked up the truck. They gave a lot of records about what work they had just done on the truck and it all seems to be in really good condition. They said there was almost $6000 worth of the LDH (Large Diameter Hose) shown in the pictures, which was fully tested and certified. We drove the truck from Tennessee to Stockbridge Georgia where we have it now, and it drove out really nice with no problems.

The man at Cumberland Trucks where we picked it up gave some good history on the Sutphen Fire trucks. He said the specialized rivets in their aerial trucks were modeled after the fuselage structure of many severely shot-up bombers that returned safely to base asobserved by Tom Sutphenwho, along with his brother fought inWorld War II.Evidently even to this day, they don't weld the components of their booms and all of the components are all riveted, which is apparently superior with no possibility of a bad weld. Another quote he gave of Tom Sutphen was "Why take the stairs when you can ride the elevator", which is one of the main reasons why Sutphen rarely (if ever) manufactures an aerial with a ladder as the first option to access the top. They do have a ladder to climb down if there is a mechanical problembut the firefighters save their strength for actual firefighting by riding to the top in the enclosed "platform" rather than climbing a ladder with other heavy gear. As a former firefight myself who used to be assigned to a ladder crew, climbing a 100 foot ladder while wearing full turnout gear and a breathing mask during a fire incident, your MSA bottle is almost sucked empty by the time you reach the top. In this truck, you have a huge air supply from the breathing air supplied from a large bottle on board the truck, plus you ride the platform up and down and save your strength for firefighting and rescue operations, as it should be.

As I already mentioned, the truck is equipped with breathing air equipment which can be connected to your MSA air mask from a connection on the elevated platform. The aerial can be controlled either from the base of the aerial or remotely directly from the platform. The platform is rated for an 800 pound payload and from my own experience, it is very stable. (I made several trips to carry my grand kids up and down at Christmas. They had a blast but were a little scared from being up so high!) The platform also has 2 permanently mounted master streams, one with a fog nozzle (I think with a 500 gpm output); The other master stream is equipped for an open-bore stream with multiple tips, the largest of 2" diameter if I remember correctly. Both have crank controls that raise or lower the angle as needed. (very smooth and precise).There is also a large deluge set (or monitor depending on yourterminology) that I believe is rated at 1000 GPM.

The truck has a diesel generator as shown in the pictures that is connected directly to the truck fuel tank so there is no need to fill a smaller tank. The truck has all of the normal set of extension ladders, attic ladders, roof ladders, pike poles, axes, flashlights, and a collection of nozzles and fittings normally on a fire truck. There is at least one smoke ejector, and other pry bars and hand tools that are not listed. Additional pictures or videos can be provided as needed.

We have seen this model for sale for up to $50,000 on other websites, but we just want to get our investment out of the truck and move on to another option for our drilling business. This would make a good aerial truck for a smaller department or volunteer service. Because it is equipped with a fire pump. it could also be a backup pumper.

If someone wanted this truck for a business outside of the fire service, such as a tree service or even a construction company or a sign company, you will find a well-maintained truck that will be dependable and clean for your business.

Please call Lonnie Mussell if you wish to ask a few questions or need additional pictures or video. My number is 678-467-6877

Thank you

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