Bugout vehicle- MILITARY M1028A2 (chevy k 30) Dually with NP205 and 6.2L diesel

For sale: 1986 Other Makes Chevrolet

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Sebastian, Florida, United States
Other Makes
pick up
woodland camo
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troop seats, 4-Wheel Drive
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I took a time to add some more info to the description, ince I don't have the time to answer all the question, have gotten for this truck. I sell her for $7250 or best offer.
Comes with Troopseats! And I have left the trenchart the way I found it when I bought the truck.ONLY US CITIZENS ARE ABLE TO PURCHASE THIS TRUCK.THE BUYER WILL HAVE TO SIGN PAPERWORK TOACKNOWLEDGETHAT FACT
1986 Chevrolet M1028A2 CUCV 5/4 ton dual rear wheel 4x4
vin 1GBHDxxxxx
current mileage 37.xxx will be higher, ince I still drive it
-6.2L J series Diesel engine runs great, o leaks, elts and hoses are in good shape, ew antifreeeze, il and fluids.
Fuel and airfilter recently changed
-TH400 3 speed automatic, hifts through all gears fine, o slipping, o leaks. Fluid and filter just changed
-NP 205 2 speed (high/low) chain driven transfercase. shifts through all ranges fine, o leaks, luid recently changed.
-Dana 60 front axle 4.56 gears. trac lock limited slip differential
Tie rod, ing pins and wheel bearings are all in good shape. Brakes are about 90%. New steering stabilizer.
-Axle U-joints and driveshaft nice and tight
-Dana 70 rear axle 4.56 gears. Detroit locker
brakes about 80A%
fluid recently changed
rear drive U joints are good as well
-Alternators charge fine
-All gauges and dummy lights work.
While I had the dash apart for pain, he cluster circuit board contacts were cleaned and all lights were replaced and contacts cleaned as well. Painted silver to help light better as well.
-Exhaust is in good shape
-all glass is fine
-emergency brake works
Service brakes work great, o pulling or dragging
All lights work, ervice and blackout.
new wiper blades. wiper motor works both speeds.
-Blower motor works fine on all speeds. Heat only No A/C
-10.120 GVW
Front has the original 3 leaf spring pack plus Shocks. The rear springs are heavy duty 10 leaf pack Rear also shocks.
Runs down the road great. Drives straight.
-The truck does come with a clear Florida title not an SF97.
No trades- DO not email me or call me wanting any kind of trade or partial trade. I will not respond.
- if you can not meet the payment terms required DO NOT bother writing me for info on this truck.
-Feel free to ask any question about this vehicle.
Can get more pictures if need be, f you need more send a message with your direct email I should send them to.
AGAIN: NO trades
1 1/4 Ton Military Pickup Truck. Chevrolet with a completely mechanical 6.2L diesel & Turbo 400 Transmission. Dually, hich is very rare. Its got a Dana 60 up front, Dana 70 in the rear and the bulletproof 208 transfer case. 4.56 gears with front and rear lockers. Only 37000 original miles . 24 volt system. The interior is in good condition except for a couple dash cracks and the lower bench seat part could use a cover.
Cruising at 60 is no problem, ver 60 might be pushing for long runs. Lots of room for supplies. It has sliding rear window so you can pass items between the cab and bed while underway. The GM 6.2 diesel is a mechanical diesel with NO computer, o EMP is not a threat. Also alternative fuels can be used giving you the flexibility needed in troubled times. The beauty of this truck is you can use it on a regular basis making it just another pickup truck until the SHTF, hen this baby will save you and your family's butts.
Engine GM (Detroit Diesel) 379 cu in. (6.2L) J-series non-emissions diesel V-8 engine, 35hp@3600rpm
Transmission GM TH400 (Turbo Hydramatic 400) automatic transmission with 3 forward and 1 reverse speeds
Transfer Case Manual NP208, xcept NP205 on M1028A1 and M1028A2. The NP205 has a Power Take-Off capability to use engine power for auxiliary equipment.
Axles All axles full floating. Front axle on all variants is Dana 60 with Spicer Trac-lok (limited slip) and locking hubs, atio: 4.56:1.
Rear axle on M1028A3: Dana 70HD, / Detroit Locker, atio: 4.56:1, atio: 4.56:1
Curb Weight 5800 lbs (2633 kg) M1028, 1028A1
6120 lbs (2778 kg) M1028A2, 1028A3
Payload 3600 lbs (1634 kg) M1028, 1028A1
3940 lbs (1789 kg) M1028A2, 1028A3
Towed Load Allowance Equipped to tow M101 Series 3/4 ton trailers with maximum towed load of 3100 Ibs. Tongue load not to exceed 300 Ibs.
GVW 9400 lbs (4288 kg) M1028, 1028A1
10,120 lbs (4594 kg) M1028A2, 1028A3
Wheelbase 131.5 in (334 cm)
Length 220.7 in (560.6 cm)
Width 81.2 in (206.2 cm) M1028, 1028A1
95.8 in (243.3 cm) M1028A2, 1028A3
Height 107.1 in (272 cm) (varies with different shelters)
Electrical 12/24 volt dual voltage, 00 amp or 200 amp electrical system
Brakes Hydraulically activated, ower-assisted front disc and rear drum service brakes, ilicone fluid
Fording 16 inches (40 cm)
Ground Clearance 7.7 in (19.6 cm) (minimum, ear axle @ GVW)
Tires LT235/85R-16E Steel Belted Radials
Tire Pressure
Model Front Rear Spare
M1028 45 psi (310 kPa) 65 psi (448 kPa)* 80 psi (552 kPa)
M1028A1 45 psi (310 kPa) 65 psi (448 kPa)* 80 psi (552 kPa)
M1028A2 45 psi (310 kPa) 45 psi (310 kPa) 45 psi (310 kPa)
M1028A3 45 psi (310 kPa) 45 psi (310 kPa) 45 psi (310 kPa)
*Rear tire pressure with shelter loaded is 80 psi (552 kPa).
Fuel Tank 20 Gallons US (75.7 liters)
Maximum Speeds At Governed RPM
High Range 1st 25 mph (40.2 kph)
2nd 35 mph (56.3 kph)
Drv 55 mph (88.5 kph)
Rev 9 mph (24.5 kph)
Maximum Speeds At Governed RPM
Low Range 1st 14 mph (22.5 kph)
2nd 23 mph (37.0 kph)
Drv 35 mph (56.3 kph)
Rev 6 mph ( 9.6 kph)
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