2014 Rossion Q1 - Unique/Special Supercar - Founder's Former Car

For sale: 1980 Other Makes Rossion

Technical specifications

Item location:
Scarsdale, New York, United States
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Engine size:
3.0L, Ford 450 Horsepower
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
Manual - 6 Speed
Drive type:
Interior color:
Leather Seats, CD Player
Vehicle Title:
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Make: Rossion (Derivative of the Noble M400/M12, ith hundreds of Engineering changes and improvements)

Titled: in 2014 and updated to 2014 specs

Model: Q1

Mileage: 4,9xx

Vin: RUS0075

Former Owner: Co-Founder of Rossion – His personal car.

Color: Green (one of 2 in existence)

Special vehicle with a Unique Story

Description: Based on the world-renowned Supercar the Noble M400, his Rossion Q1 was built to compete with the big guys. Using a Ford 3.0L block as a base, ER built a twin turbo V6 engine that produces 450hp. There are not many cars that can compete with this power to weight ratio. The 0-60 and quarter mile times put this car in the same category as (has been dubbed) “stupid fast” Corvette ZR1 and the Ferrari Enzo.

Interior: The combination leather/alcantara seats area nice touch of luxury for such a performance-focused machine. The instrument gauges are custom built for the car, hich makes keeping track of your essential information clear and convenient. There is an ugraded 6.5 inch display for all of your media needs. Overall this is a beautiful interior and can be measured with other high-end performance coupes.

Exterior: This is one of the most unique looking sports cars on the market today. This supercar has a simply gorgeous design, ith beautiful, harp lines that invoke some of the great competitors, hile being distinct. A vehicle like this brings remarkable style and abundant power to the table at the fraction of the cost of other supercars.

Drivetrain: AER manufacturing was able to put together a special engine package for the Q1. The 3.0L Ford block has been built to handle 450hp with a twin Garrett supercharger setup. All of this power is funneled through a 6-speed Getrag gearbox. These two are a perfect match. The linear power band is distributed smoothly and gearshifts are firm and direct. The Q1 weighs in at slightly less than 2600lbs, hat’s 800lbs less than the C6 Corvette ZR1. With such an impressive power to weight ratio, t’s no wonder that this rocket ship puts down supercar numbers.

Any videos on YouTube, r articles about the Rossion Q1, r its predecessor the Noble M400, oble M12, ill convey and capture its performance. Many have described it as a Lotus on Steroids. (Having owned a few Lotuses – Elise, xige, vora, would certainly agree.)


This particular car was the personal car of the Rossion Co-founder, an Grunes. As such, t was taken care of quite well, nd always brought up to the state of the art through the latter part of 2014. All work was done by the Rossion factory.

Since purchase:

All fluids and general servicing has been performed by a highly regarding exotic car specialist. The car opens up easily, nd it’s a Ford drivetrain.

Some of what was added is included here (below). Ian was kind enough to sign the passenger door sill as well.

· It is Chassis 75, nd there are two of these cars with this color scheme in existence.

· Rossion had so much confidence in this particular vehicle, hey featured it (for about 15 minutes) in a well-known auto show on CNBC, he Car Chasers. It is Season 3 Episode 13. One can watch it VOD via their cable/satellite box. (I also have a link and can provide it to you.) The green car in the show is exact car examined, rooled over, riven, tc.

The car was built in 2009, nd titled in 2014. It has a clean and clear 2014 Florida title. It is registered in Florida, here it had been, nd where I have a residence. It is currently in the suburbs of NY, arked in my garage, nd driven far too little, bout 1,000 miles since purchased.

Why am I selling? Tough question: I am joining a startup company, n which I am also investing. Cash flow will be tight for 2 years or so. It makes it tough to justify keeping this car. It’s a 3rd car, riven very little. EVERYTHING IS RIGHT WITH THIS VEHICLE. TRULY, OU SIMPLY NEED TO GET IN AND DRIVE. (CAREFULLY.)

Any Issues: (i) I do find the windshield washer container leaks. That can be purchased anywhere for a few dollars. The car is not driven in the rain, nd the windshield is always kept clean. So I never needed to put fluid in it. And never really thought about it until writing this description.

(ii) The car as you can see from the pictures has a low clearance. Invariably front splitter rub against driveways and gas stations has and will occur. If I kept it, erhaps in a few years I would simply repaint it. Or not. One cannot see the front lip rub without crawling underneath. As it’s a street car as much as it can be only a track car, his will happen. Anybody who’s owned an Elise or Exige will know this happens.

Factory Additions/Updates/Upgrades – Important: All OEM and all done at the Rossion Factory

Quotes from the co-founder of Rossion, nd the previous owner:

“The car has been pampered and well maintained. It’s a very special color in that there are only two cars that color in existence.”

“From the time it landed in the USA it never left our (Rossion) facilities except for the Car Chasers TV show. As it was only titled in 2014 it has the latest SA built chassis number - 75. All the years of experience and knowledge that I and my staff gained with these cars were put into this green car.

My personal car got plenty of my attention :-)

  • Clear coated carbon fenders (2014)
  • New style Interior door panels (2012)
  • Manual adjustable boost controller (2014)
  • Updated tune (2014)
  • Updated Centerforce clutch (2012)
  • Updated gear shift mechanism (2014 change)
  • Upgraded door seals
  • Tinted windows
  • Upgraded stereo with Apple Car Play/Nav/Bluetooth
  • First Titled in 2014
The insulation is substantially upgraded. The interior cockpit is quieter than the older Rossion cars by quite a bit and much cooler. The rear firewall was insulated with a double sheet of heat and sound material used in racing.

The car comes with an extra set of OEM Rossion Wheels in Black, o nicely complement the Gun-Metal Gray Wheels it came with. The additional wheels are wrapped in Toyo R888 Proxies with about 400 miles on them. The performance street tires on the gray wheels have a few thousand miles on them. Plenty of life, nd provide for a surprisingly comfortable ride on the street.

Key Facts:

-Limited production – about 200 in existence, ith the headquarters in the US (Florida)

-Supercar performance (one of the best performing cars in the world. 0-60 in about 3.1 seconds, ith many other eye popping stats.)

-Excellent condition – 4,9xx miles, till being driven on short errands and such. It could turn 5,000 miles.

-Signed by Rossion Creator Ian Grunes

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