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1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible 1 of 500 Built By Matrix-3 WS6 Rare

For sale: 1985 Pontiac Trans Am Trans Am

Technical specifications

Item location:
Hudson, New York, United States
Trans Am
Trans Am
Engine size:
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Power Top, Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
Tilt Wheel, Convertible
Vehicle Title:
Flood, Water Damage
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I am selling this car for a friend that had bought this car to restore, ut because of current health reasons is no longer capable of doing.
This car was sold at auction on December 28, 012 which was one month afterHurricaneSandy hit parts of the east coast. I found some old receipts in the car that show this car made it's home in Oceanside, ong Island NY which is one of the areas that suffered from heavy flooding.
There isNO paperworkwith this car, ut I believe it sold at auction as a flood car or as salvage. If some type of paperwork is needed to get this car titled again I can put the high bidder in touch with the current owner and he should be able to put them in touch with the garage that purchased it at auction.
I have no information on this car other than what I have been told and from research I have done.
This car is a convertible conversion done by Matrix-3 company. These cars started out as T-top cars and were hand built into convertibles. It has a Matrix-3 build tag in the drivers side door jam with a date of January 1985.
There appears to be no records kept on production, ut it is believed that there were less than 500 made between 1984-1985. That number also includes the Camaro conversions and it is also believed that the Camaro production out numbered the Firebird production by 2 to 1 which would translate into about 150 Firebirds being converted by the Matrix-3 company in those two years.
I have no information about how badly this car was flooded, ut I checked both the motor and transmission oils and both look fine.
I installed a replacement starter. This car runs and I have driven it up and down my long driveway several times. The brakes work, ut there is rust on all of the rotors from sitting.
This car is rock solid. I have looked this car over from bottom to top and found no rot. There is an old Pembroke NorthCarolinacollege sticker in the windshield from 1994 so maybe the car came up from the south which would explain the rust free nature of this car.
The power top motor works, ut there is a leak on the passenger side from either the hose or the cylinder itself and the oil has leaked out. The top frame is in good shape, ut there is a small piece of aluminum on each side where the top meets the windshield frame that has cracked. So they will need to be repaired at some point. The top does not look that old, ut does have a small puncture on the drivers side which looks to have been made from the inside frame work and probably happened when the top was put down. It is very small and should be repairable from the inside. There is also an original special hand tool that is used to lock and unlock the top which is inside the console storage box. The rubber seals around the door windows are dried out and need to be replaced.
The turnsignalsand brake lights work and the head lights come on, ut they do not pop up.
The power door locks and power windows do not work.
There is no radio, ut the previous owner has installed heavy speaker wires and fuse links under the hood. There are speakers in the back seat side panels and in the doors. There were also speakers in the kick panels that I believe are now in a box in the trunk with some other small miscellaneousparts for the car.
The tachometer does not work correctly, ut the other gauges appear to be ok.
The ignition tumbler and the trunk lock have both been removed, ut they look like they were done without damaging anything so they should be easy to replace. I did find a set of keys with the key fob down under the spare tire when I was cleaning out the trunk. The keys fit the door locks and the storage compartment in the trunk. The key fob also seems to be working.
There is a screwdriver being used as a key and it turns the power on, ut it will not engage the starter motor. There looks to be a anti theft device under the dash, ut it does not look like it has any power. I hooked up a push button switch under the dash to engage the starter motor.
The interior needs some work.
The front bumper cover has paint coming off and there is some cracks in some of the lower flaring. There are paint chips and scratches here and there on the entire car.
The motor runs good and it has headers on it. The header on the passengers side looks new while the one on the drivers side looks much older. The exhaust seems good and it sounds like it may have a Flow Master type Muffler.
The hood latch cable is broken and the trunk and hood lift cylinders need to be replaced.
The WS6 fiberglass Ram Air hood looks to be in very good shape. The trunk lid is also made of fiberglass and is also in very good shape. There is a spoiler on the trunk lid and I am unsure if it is a Matrix-3 part or something that was added later.
Overall I don't think this car will need to much work to make it a road legal driver.
This car is being sold AS-ISWhere-ISwithNOWarrantyExpressedorImplied.Transportation is the soleresponsibility of the buyer. I will do what I can to assist loading the car onto a transport truck.There isNO paperworkwith this car and take noresponsibility and do notGuarantee any type of paperwork related to this car. I will try to help the buyer as much as I can, ut the bottom line is that I am posting this car for someone else so I am no more than a middle man.

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