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Beautiful 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo - Low Reserve

For sale: 1981 Porsche 930

Technical specifications

Item location:
Bellingham, Washington, United States
Engine size:
6 cylinder
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Vehicle Title:
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This 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo is truly one of the most beautiful examples of the iconic Porsche 911. This particular example has very few flaws to its body work and is exquisite from every angle. There are no known scratches or dents, only a few minor rock chips in rear fender flair area.

This car received new front and rear bumpers, new side wing mirrors, and new Speedline replica wheels (Kenesis), making the car look like a Porsche 964 Turbo (965). The ride height was also lowered a little giving it a very aggressive stance and low center of gravity (and tenacious grip). While a completely original is preferred, the looks of this car is far superior to many (myself included). However, despite its beauty, the buyer will benefit from the price not reflecting a totally original car.

The interior is mostly original with a few notable exceptions. The seats, dash, and carpeting is original and in very good condition. The headliner and sun shades are original but need some cosmetic surgery as they are droopy (to be honest, I never look up so I forget the headliner has a couple of minor tears). The steering wheel is genuine and a nearly new (1 year old) Momo Prototipo wheel. The gear knob is a replica gear knob from a Porsche racing car. The dials have been made white and surrounded by aluminum dial rings. The floor mats are fairly new, thick carpeted and in perfect condition. I am not even sure if the sunroof motor works as I have not attempted it (I have not attempted it in case it gets stuck - I have owned the car for nearly 3 years).

The engine is the original 930 engine with an upgraded intercooler and exhaust system (the sound is incredible). The engine pulls strong and starts up instantly every single time.

The car is originally from Canada and was imported into the USA in the late 1980s I believe. It was then an Arizona car until it changed hands and moved to Washington. It has had only three owners in the last 25+ years. I am devastated that I have to depart with the car (my dream car) but the recent purchase and now development of a commercial office has unfortunately necessitated the sale.

The Good:

The way it looks. This car stands out and is as dramatic as it gets. If you want respectful attention, this is the car. It’s amazing. The body work is nearly perfect. The paint is excellent, although not original (check below for more information). The front hood and front fenders were painted last year by Queen City Auto Rebuild in Redmond, Washington (the only certified Porsche repair facility in Washington). The paint matches the rest of the car perfectly.

The interior is really nice (except for the headliner and sun visors, which need a nip and a tuck). There is a small abrasion on top of the dash that is barely visible, but the rest of the interior is really nice.

The engine pulls well, starts every time and sounds amazing. The battery is new and the car had a recent oil change. The clutch is light and excellent and the 4-speed transmission direct and incredible to play with. No issues at all with the clutch and transmission – at least, none that I know about. It feels great. All the interior dials work.

You want to have the experience of a lifetime? Drive this car - incredible.

The Bad:

The car is 35 years old and is not perfect. It looks great, feels great, runs great but there are some issues. This is a transparent ad, so here are all the issues I am aware of.

Engine: I had a leak down test with Roger Jobs Porsche a couple of weeks ago, here are the results.

Compression Numbers: Cylinder 1: 120; Cylinder 2: 125; Cylinder 3: 115; Cylinder 4: 115; Cylinder 5: 115; Cylinder 6: 120

Leak-Down Numbers: Cylinder 1: 1%; Cylinder 2: 3%; Cylinder 3: 33%; Cylinder 4: 35%; Cylinder 5: 28%; Cylinder 6: 20%

Also, the car does leak oil. While the car does not seem to leak much on my garage floor (although I do not drive it too much), the Porsche dealership saw signs of a little more oil in the engine than they like and have recommended a re-seal. I gather the oil is leaking onto the exhaust area (that's why I don't see much oil under the car in my garage), but this dripping oil during driving is causing the engine to smoke (hot oil on the hot engine) when the car is driven for extended period (hour or more) - short drives doesn't seem to cause any issue.

Obviously the leak-down numbers are concerning and any buyer will have to factor in this information and bidding on the vehicle. Instead of having this issue corrected prior to a sale, I have lowered the reserve to reflect the work that is needed to eliminate any issues with the car so it can be completely enjoyed. I am not a salesperson who is trying to cover up issues, I took the step to have a rather expensive compression/leak-down test at a Porsche dealership to be as transparent as possible. But please put these necessary fixings in your budget when you are considering the purchase. As a said, I'm taking a hit financially by lowering the reserve the amount that the Porsche dealership told me it would cost to fix this problem (Porsche told me the fix would be $5600 for this issue, so it's expensive but I lowered the reserve by $6000 when I heard this). Porsche also informed me that to improve this car, a re-seal is recommended. It would appear that this should be done in the near future, but does not seem to be an emergency (but it is recommended it be done - I have also lowered the reserve to reflect this future expense).

Other miscellaneous things that are negative: The driver’s seat is missing the knob that folds the seat forward for access into the rear seat (cheap fix); the passenger side window does go up/down but the switch on the passenger door does not work (the switch for that window on the driver’s door does work). I don't know if the sunroof works - haven't tried - but assuming it doesn't (but it is closed, so one can leave it closed if one wishes). The AC does not work and neither does the heater. I don’t drive when it’s too hot or cold so I haven’t fixed either. It does blow air, it’s just not hot or cold.

Body: The only cosmetic issue is the front air damn that has a scratch in the plastic (see photo). Because the car is low, this flaw is tough to see, but it still is visible when you look closely.

Paint: While the paint looks great, it’s not original. The original paint was red. The original paint can be seen in a few areas (hard to see and harder to photograph). Small dab of touch up paint will fix this (I have left it for the new owner to fix – it’s minor).

Wheels: The wheels are Kenesis replica wheels (of the Speedline). These replicas are not cheap either. Three of the wheels are great, one has a minor scar (can be fixed, but has a very small dent in the rear passenger wheel).

Tires: Proxes4 with about 5,000 miles on them. The fronts are: 235/40/18. The rears are: 275/35/18

Sunroof: I have not tested it and the previous owner told me he never tested it in the 14 years he had it. Sorry – I’m afraid to test it, to only have it get stuck with the roof open.

Seats: Generally in very good condition. No tears, all original. Some wear is noticeable on the side supports. On the driver's seat the left pad under the leg is worn down a little and probable needs new foam. Otherwise seats are very good.

I am happy to show the car and take it for a drive. If it is raining, which it does do in the Pacific Northwest occasionally, I won’t drive the car. Sorry, this car has been babied and I don’t want to stop that now. But it's summer, so hopefully that is not an issue.

The winning bidder will purchase one of the nicest looking and most wonderful examples of a Porsche 930 in North America. I am not a dealership, just a normal person, who wants this transaction to be transparent and as smooth as possible. I reserve the right to end this auction early if I accept an early offer. I would prefer to work with an easy buyer who is willing to make this deal smooth. Please - no tire kickers, only serious buyers.

If you are from out of the Country, I will entertain private offers. Please contact me directly. I have a very low reserve and it’s possible the winning bidder will purchase one of the best Porsche 930s for one of the lowest prices. It would be an incredible investment.

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