Beautifully Upcycled Westfalia Camper - Solar, Low Miles, Custom Interior & More

For sale: 1984 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon

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Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
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Liquid Cooled
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This unique vintage travel vehicle, ully upcycled with a host of aesthetic and mechanical improvements, ports a surprisingly low 134,000 Carfax verified, riginal miles. You will see in the attached pics and videos the amazingly fit condition of her body and the love put into her highly customized interior and utilitarian features. In the categories that follow below you will find generous information about her many upgrades and amenities. So, njoy your experience as we go . . .
OFF THE GRID: Comfortably sleeping four adults, r two adults and any number of giggling kiddos, his roaming art house has tons to offer either the weekend warrior or the hardcore, ff grid, dventure enthusiast. In addition to her Yakima Rocket Box and strut assisted, eavy duty, oof top storage system, he starts strong with the ultimate solar power charging station featuring adjustable dual 90 watt, igh efficiency exterior panels, ew 110 amp hour deep cycle marine battery, ulti-port charge manager, nd 1000 watt 110 power inverter with duplex receptacle outlet, ll completely operational. And it's a great system, uper easy to use, nderstand and maintain. The control manager issues charge only when needed for energy storage while never letting your battery system get too low; the optimal design of energy management for battery health and longevity. Providing for your adventure needs from refrigeration to illumination, his set-up combines wilderness comfort with back yard security against ever becoming stranded. Also, eel the freedom to go when and where you want as you ride atop a complete set of new 16" authentic Mercedes alloy wheels and high performance, nbsp;commercially rated XL tires (a hefty upgrade, ut oh so worth it) that absolutely glide upon the off road KYB gas-adjust shocks while enjoying a host of completely modern camping equipment and creature comforts, s well as . . .
TONS OF DETAIL: Because a few pics just can't tell the tale, 've put together some short videos to further express the level of quality that this completely modernized adventure camper offers. View them easily by clicking on them at the bottom of the listing.

Oh, nd did I mention that she Purrs like a kitten? She really is incredibly quiet, specially for a Vanagon, nd a link for an additional video of her idling smoothly can be sent to you upon request (I didn’t embed it in the ad because, ell, t’s kinda boring :)

Additionally, ere are some highlights of the work and love placed into her over the last several thousand miles:
MECHANICS: During the course of recent travel she has been put thoroughly to the test and I can say with confidence that she is mechanically super solid, unning tight and shifting smooth while recording consistent gas mileage of 18-21 mpg and easily maintaining HWY speeds, ven while topping elevations over 9,500 ft. Along with her fully 50 state compliant exhaust system (right down to the new oxygen sensor and CA smog certificate), he has had recent front brake pads and rear brake inspection and adjustment, new heavy duty primary battery, s well as a new high capacity deep cycle marine battery, pgraded headlight package, nd new electrical components (all coolant sensors, emp sender, lugs, tc.).The van has also had a variety of big work done. Just under 10,000 miles ago she received a thorough engine rebuild shortly before being placed into storage by her original owners. Along with this work she also received an updated ECU, aster cylinder replacement, ew coolant hoses in the engine compartment (to complement the steel pressurized underside coolant lines -- a very nice upgrade). I have since invested in an entirely new clutch replacement kit including main seal, rank seal, hrow-out bearing, esurfaced flywheel, nd a thorough maintenance of the shift linkage. And while some of this work was redundant, he previous clutch pressure plate was found to be imperfect and so, nce my mechanic was in there, authorized him to replace the entire kit and once again resurface the flywheel to be sure all was well. A rather pricey endeavor, ut ever since, he has been performing flawlessly. . . What can I say, ood maintenance equals a happy Westy.

Note: Along with her recent CA smog certificate (November 2015) she also comes with a clean CarFax report attesting to her single family ownership (prior to my purchase) and exclusive history in the western US, s well as, clean, lear and notarized title in my name.
The CAMPING EQUIPMENT (including two burner stove, -way fridge, nd on-board water storage tank and sink) has also experienced some nice improvements (like a new submersible pump and spigot to go with the custom polished aluminum kitchen back splash) and all systems are working great (See video link for tons of detail). In addition to the main solar panels providing for your power needs, he solar power of a separate dedicated mini panel ignites the interior lighting system, lluminating automatically as the sun sets or on demand (check out the night-time video pics). This system provides all the light you need but with an ambient focus that does not penetrate the custom light blocking curtains so your presence cannot be detected from the exterior of the vehicle. Additionally, new 3-window German pop top canvas has been installed (the heavy kind with the dual reinforced zippers) along with new pop top seals and a complete rubber replacement kit. All the exterior trim has been removed and reconditioned or replaced (from side mirrors and bumper impact strips to decals and wiper arms). The outer camper shell is in super shape and was removed and repainted when the new canvas was installed (all this shielding a perfectly preserved upper bunk inside). There is also a color complementing RED articulating skylight (very cool) with new parts and seals. Her dash is immaculate under the custom fitted, un-safe dash mat and comes with mounted cup holders (a big plus, s those original crazy-genius German engineers seemed to think of everything except where to put their coffee). The camp set up also includes two fully articulating tables (front and rear) for everything from cooking and dining to laptop movie watching or a little work from the "beach office" fully powered by the sun. The propane tank was also upgraded with new-style ports for easy RV station refills. The addition of shoulder strap mounted rear safety belts brings an added degree of passenger safety to this super capable rig, nd you and your passengers will enjoy the clear sound of a modern stereo with CD player and a new version of the original blaupunkt high output speakers and all the features that signal upcycled modernity (the auxiliary jack supports any musical memory device or smartphone). Let's face it, reat safety and sound features help make for even greater road trips.
As for the CUSTOM INTERIOR, f you are not hooked already, repare to be. This camper has had its original interior panels replaced with real hand finished birch wood. A lovingly applied, -coat, nterior/exterior, emi-gloss Varathane finish enhances the natural color and grain of the Birch, hile being completely practical, asy to clean, ound insulating and way more durable than the originals. A carefully coordinated, olid, ongue and groove Bamboo plank flooring has been installed in the kitchen area (as beautiful as it is tough, his 5/8" thick, eal bamboo is rated for water resistance even in residential traffic areas like kitchens, aundry and bathrooms). Speaking of tough, recycled commercial rubber back carpet has been installed up front. This carpet (topped off with vintage Vanagon mats -- an original dealership “perk”) is super durable and dense enough to conquer unwanted road noise (By the way, he cabinets are also lined in the same carpet to keep things safe and quiet -- see video pics). The 360 degree swiveling captain's chairs feature new custom upholstery over reinforced foam with complementing lumbar support pillows, atching their rear bench seat and bed counterparts. The curtains and tie backs compliment the upholstery and are custom as well; made from a super heavy, ight gauge fabric, pecifically selected for great light blocking performance (see video pics). I've also added various LED light fixtures (magnetically placeable) to supplement the solar powered surround fixture and the remaining original lights, hich are also in working order. Speaking of original, he Volkswagen designed rear hatch bug screen is like new and snaps in easily for a guaranteed bug-free night's sleep, o matter how deep into the woods you venture.
Above all, have little doubt that once you slide behind the wheel you will want the adventure to continue. She is not only peppy and responsive, ut has a surprising amount of power when you need it, hile remaining fun and economical to drive around town. I can guarantee that she will quickly work her way into your daily driving routines. . . . It’s always fun to hear the random call of "Great Westy!" as you turn heads and scoot through town with the windows down and the sun shining.
And PRICE. . Whether you are a newcomer to the Vanagon world or Westy junkie like me, ou can camp and venture throughout the west in style and with confidence in this highly capable vehicle. In a solid Westy, t’s always time to explore, rom the beaches to the redwoods, hrough the mountains or the deserts and beyond, his very unique and smooth running Westfalia will represent a terrific balance of reliability and value for her next owner at only $26,500.

A FEW SIDE NOTES: Serious buyers please feel free to email me with your questions and if you would like to discuss more about the van or arrangements to purchase via phone, will be glad to share with you my number so that we can discuss details fully.

Selecting the BUY NOW button will trigger your full commitment to purchase the vehicle and require an immediate $500.00 paypal deposit, nsuring that no other offers, bay generated or otherwise, egardless of price, ill be considered or accepted ahead of your commitment to buy. The remaining balance of the purchase price will be due, n full, ithin 5 business days of the purchase commitment. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, 250 of the deposit will be considered non-refundable so as to prevent the loss of various ebay selling fees and/or to compensate for lost offers presented by other interested parties, n such case as the buyer fails to complete the Ebay sale transaction.

Respectfully speaking, f you do not have the funds to complete the sale within 5 days of commitment to purchase, lease do not select the BUY NOW button. Thanks :)

SHIPPING: Buyer is responsible for vehicle pick up and/or shipping. I am happy to assist with vehicle shipping arrangements. Balance must be paid in full prior to release of the vehicle. Insurance and ALL ownership responsibilities are exclusively the responsibility of the buyer immediately following the receipt of the balance payment by the seller, his includes shipping insurance. In accordance with the Arizona DMV regulations, his is a private party sale and exclusively and by default an as-is sale as defined by the State of Arizona. A bill of sale can and will be provided to the buyer upon request along with the clean and clear Arizona vehicle title, omplete with my notarized signature as the sole owner of the vehicle.

One more thing: The OM symbol mounted on the refrigerator door can be easily removed if you desire. It was placed there as a personal reminder to enjoy my travels as they occur. I realize this may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” and will completely understand if you would rather have it removed from the interior design. It is mounted with a firm, ut removable mounting tape, o no damage or residue will result from its removal. Again, hanks.

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