1959 Volkswagon Bus/Vanagon/split windshield/Classic antique/lots of old parts

For sale: 1959 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon two opening side doors/back door/Six side windows

Technical specifications

Item location:
Durham, Connecticut, United States
two opening side doors/back door/Six side windows
not sure where...
painted blue (not sure of original color)
Engine size:
1972 (60 HP?) Super Beetle
Number of cylinders:
1966 VW Bus
Drive type:
manual transmission (from 1966 bus)
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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I have my old 1959 VW Bus up for auction. Many years of fun with this vehicle, originally came from Arizonawith very little to no rustin the1980's,but it's time to clean up the yard!I have pulled it out to the driveway. It rolls, but Ihave not tried to start it/clean it up/etc. Tires are all dry-rotted, but held enough air to temporarily move it to a good towing/pickup location. Buyer is responsible for pickup,etc.This is a local listing auction.Please look carefully at all the pictures, as you will see that it is not complete with all the original parts. There are taillights missing,etc.Very rusty in many places, but I was assured that it would be good for a restoration project. I wish I had the time/money (and energy!),as I have seen how much money they go for restored. Thedrivers door is rusted off, but stored in back of thevehicle. There is an extra rear engine compartment body panel door from another bus, and a gas tank, and lots of other various partsalso stored in the back./rear lights/lenses are missing from the body/was a good engine 10 years ago when I drove it and parked it in the back 40.The engine in it now was from a 1972 Super Beetle/ran when I parked it to retire, so would probably fire up with a minimal amount of work./Transmission was good and tight also/I never had any loose feel or shifting problems,etc. It is from a 1966 VW Bus/the original "old split" transmission mount was converted over to a newer style (1966)transmission./Electrical was converted to 12 volt system (I believe, if I remember correctly). Wiring is probably all worn and brittle though. Lots of rust! Including lots of good bus, and maybe somebeetleand other variousparts loaded inside the back of thevehicle. I don't have a title or any paperwork left, and of course it is not registered anymore. The steering is very tight. A new kingpin was machined a few years before I retired the vehicle.A black aluminum side panel was fabricated on the drivers side lower length for future body repair/but never finished with body filler. Could go on a lot about the history, but please feel free to ask any questions, or request any specific pictures. Have fun bidding!

On Feb-03-17 at 12:37:53 PST, seller added the following information:

I was just recently told (not to be taken as gospel truth though),that this is probably a 1957! Wow, when I had it registered back in the 1980's it was listed in the State of Connecticut as a 1959.The friend said that the (M number),which is stamped into the steel behind the drivers seat tells this. He said that since it isn't an actual riveted plate with the number on it/and given the number, which is 241423 that is definitely a 1957! Who am I to know! I also wanted to put some more pictures on eBay of the frame condition (which I think is pretty bad, but eBay won't let me add any more pics,unless I remove some (24 total),which I don't want to do, since everybody is bidding and watching. Anyone can send a question through eBay to me, and I can answer and attach some pictures there/but not on the main listing site. Also I noticed that when questions are asked and I send the interested person some pics,they don't show up on the question and answer page below the listing. Just the answer to the question.Oh well...just let me know .

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