Porsche 944 EV Electric Vehicle conversion with Warp9 & Evnetics controller

For sale: 1990 Other Makes Porsche 944

Technical specifications

Item location:
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, United States
Other Makes
Porsche 944
Engine size:
NetGain Warp 9
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
Vehicle Title:
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1990 Porsche 944 convertible full electric conversion, onstructed with top of the line components.

See the Porsche being driven on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEoemf3y8txNyE7f4WoL9-sTr2GWMnXov

NetGain Warp 9 Series DC Motor -Forced Air cooled (1000 Amps)

  • EVNetics Solution 1 EV Controller - Water Cooled (1000 Amps)
  • ElCon PFC 2500 Lithium Battery Charger
  • 68 Lithium 3.2 lifepo4100ah Battery Pack 220 Volts nominal, 2KW of energy ! More than the Prius PHEV, hevy Volt and Ford Energi. Almost as much energy storage as the Nissan Leaf.
  • 4lifepo4 3.2V 100ah cells with dedicated charger for the 12V system.
  • 8 additional cells included free.
  • Power brakes
  • My Mod onboard PC with Wifi. Displays data from controller. Touchscreen Display
  • Multi Speed cooling fans and temperature sensor in rear for batteries
  • Impact cut off
  • Emergency pull cut off
  • Forced Air cooled (switchable and turns on when motor gets hot)
  • JDL 404 display
  • Convertible top is set to manual modeand works great
  • RPM counter works with motor speed
  • All HV wires are double insulated
  • Coil over springs added to rear to support additional weight
  • J1772 plug and socket with chargeindicator
  • AVC2 board forpublic chargingcompatible
  • LED running lights and brake lights
  • Battery monitoring system is basic but does show each cell voltage. I wouldrecommend adding a Battery Management System (BMS), his was the finaladdition I wanted to add.

Vehicle drives great. I have driven the Porsche up to 85MPH and it still had plenty to go.Accelerates very well.
I have spent way too much time and money on this project and the funds ran out. It's tax time and I needthe money to pay the tax man.
Vehicle has been converted to the highest possible standards.
The new owner will need to be proficient in EV technology or wants to learn about them. I learned everything I needed from reading and youtube!
Acceleration is excellent, op speed is more than you will ever need (tested to 85MPH) and is as simple to use as plug into 110V or 220V to charge and then drive.All the installations were done to the highest possible standards and using only components appropriate for high voltage. Range is very much dependent on how the vehicle is driven and how conservative you wish to be with the batteries. The energy capacity of the batteries in this setup is very high, igher then many production EV's to date. It is recommended to not drop the pack below 30% SOC, asically leaving in 30 percent of the energy. So being conservative the range would be around 35-40 miles. If a battery management system (BMS) was to be installed it would allow the pack to be dropped lower since it would monitor each individual cell instead of only knowing the entire pack voltage. This would increase the range.
Vehicle hasapproximately5 bad cells after the voltage was dropped below 2.6 volts for these cells. They will need to be replaced before driving any distance.Vehicle can currently be driven just to move around only. I will supply theadditional used, ood cells but theywill need to be installed. I am in my peak season of my business and do not have the time.Vehicle is being sold as a work in progress. Simply replace the bad cells and the Porsche isready to drive.

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